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Jenna Johnson is the envy 
of the apartment wrestling world. Young, talented and beautiful, she is moving from one spotlight to another.

Johnson was an accomplished tennis player, a phenom at the age of 14. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, her family moved her to Miami, Florida when she was six years old to train at an esteemed tennis academy. She later toured with the United States National Junior Cup team and began her professional career at the age of 16, winning the Cairo Open in only her third tournament. At the age of 18 she signed two lucrative endorsement deals, with an automobile company and a cellular telephone network. Two months later she suffered a devastating and debilitating ankle injury in an automobile accident in Veil, Colorado.

As a result, she missed the next two years on the tour and thus lost her endorsement deals. After being tied up in court with the subsequent litigation, she attempted a return to the tour. After struggling for a year, she decided to retire.

In October 2002, Heaven, after losing her championship
 to Daniella Cartier, met with Johnson in Atlanta, Georgia and two months later Jenna signed a contract, hiring Heaven as her agent and official representative.In early 2002, Jenna had a chance meeting with former ACW champion Heaven at a resort in Aspen, Colorado. The two kept in touch and Heaven invited her to Chicago and introduced her to a number of ACW officials and performers. After returning to miami, she was contacted by ACW representatives, but turned down requests to come to the ACW Training Academy Dojo to tryout.

Initially, ACW was wary of the arrangement. “We’ve made it a policy to negotiate directly with the girls,” said Tanako X. “We’re not going to have any of these outrageous salary demands, I can assure you of that.” Nonetheless, ACW accepted Jenna into the Academy and signed her for a short-term contract. She lost her first two matches to Carmen Jones and Lisa Nash, but followed it up with consecutive wins over Tabitha Van Dyne, Angela Foster and Candy Sommers.

to use her size advantage to her advantage over her opponents. Her youthful exuberance, however, more than makes up for her lack of experience. She still has several hurdles to overcome, however, as the world of fem-fighting is new to her. “I’m not used to getting hurt,” she says, “so sometimes I’m not as aggressive as I should be. I’m enjoying myself though and I think you can look forward to seeing a lot of me in the future.”
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