Jenna Johnson entered the match hoping to continue to turn heads within ACW after capturing several wins since her debut. Miranda Alexander saw the match as a test of styles against a larger opponent. For both girls it would provide an opportunity to move up the ladder towards a shot at the Inter-Condiminium title.

The more experienced Alexander took control of the early match, driving Johnson’s face into the bedspread. Holding her in a front face-lock, she moved around to reverse it. Her strategy wasn’t necessarily to overpower and wear down Johnson, but rather to confuse and frustrate her. Because of her size, Johnson was able to keep pulling away from Miranda’s hold but Alexander held on and rode Jenna until she was again face-down in the mattress.

Eventually Alexander moved to her next tactic. Spinning behind Jenna, she pulled the taller girl up and put her in a painful full nelson, stretching her, She also began using the hold to shake Jenna back and forth forcefully. Johnson had not expected such aggression on the part of her opponent. She was overwhelmed and looked close to giving up.

Before she could tap out, however, Alexander made a crucial mistake. Believing she had numbingly worn down Jenna shoulders and arms she turned her attention to Johnson’s leg. Johnson, sensing freedom lunged forward and found herself with Alexander’s legs within reach. She twisted Miranda’s right ankle violently rolling her onto her stomach where she began an assault on her buttocks and thighs.

Remaining on top of Alexander, Johnson dominated her for the next few moments. Sitting astride her back she sat back applying a modified Boston Crab while raising her rear end into the air and then crashing it down heavily against Miranda’s back.

Miranda looked to escape, attempting to pull herself off of the bed, hoping to tumble both women onto the floor. Jena would have none of it, however, artfully pulling her opponent back onto the bed. As Alexander’s legs grew painfully numb, Johnson spun 180 degrees to continue her attack.

Alexander knew at once that she was in trouble as Jenna used her size advantage to pin Miranda down. The helpless Alexander could only flail in panic which made her a fly falling into the web of the spider. Johnson applied consecutive arm holds until it seemed that Alexander would pass out from the pain. The young Hawaiian, however, would not submit.

Stubbornly, she lay still, waiting for Johnson to release her grip and Jenna did just that. Immediately, Alexander sought escape. A startled Johnson looked in disbelief.

Though valiant, Alexander’s great escape went for naught. By now, her arms were worn down and sapped of any strength. Johnson easily applied a side full nelson as well as a leg scissor hold. Miranda, though still determined, knew that her body had given out of her. Further, resistance would prove not only foolhardy but dangerous. Wanting to wrestle another day, she angrily submitted.

Opinions varied around the circuit and across ACW over who walked away more impressively from the match. Johnson was brilliant in her strategy and implementation in gaining the win. Alexander, however, had demonstrated a grit and determination unseen in a long while within the promotion. The two have thus been placed as the number one and two challengers for the Inter-Condominium belt.

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