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Just as things are looking up 
in Apartment Championship Wrestling, there is a rumbling underfoot as new allegations have arisen from an old voice. Taylor Wilson, a former ACW competitor has emerged from the independent apartment wrestling scene to present another blockbuster statement. Wilson made allegations in 2001, accusing ACW officials of engaging in sexual harassment and claiming that certain competitors were trading sexual favors for opportunities to climb the rankings ladder within the promotion. Her allegations were considered to have been the impetus for the lawsuit filed by then ACW champion Heaven that rocked the promotion and threatened its existence. Now, Wilson is back and her new allegations could bury the promotion once and for all.

Taylor Wilson, absent from ACW competition for more than two years has toiled in the minor leagues of apartment wrestling and claims that she has been black-balled by ACW. Now she has taken aim at ACW and specifically Tanako X. “I will admit that there is definite animosity against Ms. Wilson and she will never work in this promotion again,” said a clearly agitated X. “However, I deny any attempt on the part of anyone in ACW to blackball her within the industry. In fact, I encourage any competing promotion to hire her. That way, she cause turmoil and dissension with their ranks and that can only benefit us.” Wilson countered “Facts are facts and sex is sex. I have the facts on my side, now let’s here them dispute them.”

“Tanako can lie all he wants about the past. This time I have the evidence,” says Wilson. “I have photos, and I have other girls who will back up my claims.” When pressed for names and for her alleged evidence, Wilson demurred but an independent investigation by has turned up two names – Amber Mayfield and Veronica Van Dyne.

Mayfield, the cousin of former D-Cup champion Barbie Mayfield had a brief run in ACW in 2001. Her tenure gained mixed reviews with most feeling her lack of size worked against her significantly. Mayfield did get a fairly significant push for someone with her limited experience. This could be attributed to nepotism based on her relationship with her cousin Barbie. However, Amber was observed in an intimate setting with an ACW official outside of a promotional event. Mayfield was unavailable for comment, except to say “I’m trying to put those times behind me.”

Veronica Van Dyne - Van Dyne is the older sister of current competitor Tabitha Van Dyne and is a former apartment wrestling competitor. More important, she is an attorney who briefly represented Heaven in her 2001 lawsuit. Her participation in the lawsuit was a surprise to many as she had been on good terms with the promotion prior to its filing. Veronica would not comment on the current allegations, citing confidentiality requirements, but questions linger about whether she is concerned about harming her sister’s chances within the promotion. has also turned up other information, but its veracity can not yet be confirmed. If it is legitimate, however, it would not look good for the promotion.ACW officials are reportedly very concerned as it prepares for its latest video release. While the promotion owns the wrestling content that will go into the tape, it has licensed that content out and can not prevent other content from being included with the tape. As such, it is possible that some evidence could be included in the tape. The irony is not amusing to Tanako X. “This is just symptomatic of our society now where everyone is looking for a scandal. I can tell you this. Taylor Wilson can put me in her cross hairs if she wants but she has nothing on me. I have not done anything inappropriate. She can go and look for as many incompetent wrestlers as she wants but I have nothing to hide.”

As the situation develops, is pursuing several leads and has contacted numerous past performers for comments. The site, however, has been blocked in its attempts to speak with current competitors. As specific details come out, they will be reported here.

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