Introducing Libby Watson

Libby Watson -

Libby Watson -
Libby Watson is the third member of the Motor City Posse. She is considered the wild card of the group, displaying a wide range of talents and a complex personal background that makes it hard to pigeonhole her. Many within the industry believe if she can tie all of these together, she may be the best of the bunch.

Watson hails from Westchester County in New york, born to a prominent family. As a teenager, she was a competitive equestrian, challenging for the junior nationals title in Albany, NY in 1989. While finishing through an easy ride, someone in the audience sounded an air horn, startling Libby’s horse. The frightened animal pitched forward, throwing Watson from his back. Watson somersaulted and landed heavily on her back, suffering multiple injuries including a lacerated kidney, two cracked vertebrae, a torn ACL, a fractured ankle and a severe concussion. Her doctors were concerned that she might never walk normally again, but after six months in a hospital she began four years of rehabilitation.

Libby fought her way back to the point where she was physically able to adapt to a normal lifestyle. She entered Pace University where she majored in World Studies. As part of her curriculum, she traveled to Europe in 1995. While in Paris, she stayed in the same hotel as Lisa Nash and Heaven, both of whom were in town as part of an apartment wrestling exhibition tour.

She met with Nash briefly before returning to her room. After returning to the United States, she decided to take time off from school and began traveling throughout the United States. She settled in Detroit, Michigan where she entrenched herself in the goth scene. She joined a band, playing guitar and composing some of the lyrics for their songs. She also dabbled in modeling after appearing on a few album covers for local musicians. Her hourglass figure allowed her to enjoy a wide range of modeling assignments but she grew tired of agencies trying to force to her typecast herself into one look or another. Familiar with Carmen Jones and Chrissy Martin, she discussed her frustrations with them. “I remembered a lyric from a song by a group named Galliano called Prince of Peace,” said Watson. “It went:

Thoughts need an amplifier to get a little higher.
Become our own producer instead of just a buyer.

The group decided to take control of their careers and formed a group called the Motor City Posse.

One night while one stage at the Double Door in Chicago, an unruly audience member began causing a loud disturbance just outside of the stage area. After several minutes of the disturbance, Watson casually walked over and delivered a round house kick to the back of the man’s head, never missing a beat and continuing on with her performance.

Libby Watson - In the audience that night was Von Slagle, a talent agent for ACW. “What impressed me about Libby was that she took everything in stride and was so matter of fact about getting rid of that troublemaker. She was a natural… very poised.” Watson was approached by Slagle and was invited to meet with ACW officials later that week. She was accompanied to the ACW Academy by Chrissy Martin and Tanako X entended an invitation to both girls to enter the promotion. Not only did they accept, but they also brought Carmen Jones with them.The group made a big splash in ACW when they appeared in the 1st Volume of the ACW Video Tape Series.

Watson has her sights set high, and ACW seems to have equal faith in her potential. She is being entered into this year’s annual D-Cup tournament in Japan. “We’re going to give Libby an opportunity,” said Tanako X. “We usually send one of the younger talent to give them exposure to a high-profile environment. We were going to send Miranda Alexander but she had a scheduling conflict. Libby has a lot going for her as a competitor, because of her eight and her pain threshold.”

Despite the pain of her injuries or perhaps because of them, she has become a capable performer in such a short period of time. Because she was subjected to a painful rehabilitation regimen for four years, her pain tolerance is incredibly high. As such, she is certainly tough enough for the grind of an apartment wrestling career. Her biggest challenge, however, will be to step up her aggressiveness and develop a killer instinct. ” I have a lot to learn but I’m getting there,” she says. “after all I’ve been through, though, I’m having the time of my life.”

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