Dixie Monroe found her apartment wrestling career on the line. As more and more ACW performers use the promotion as a springboard to other areas in the entertainment business, Monroe was one of the first and had put her apartment wrestling career on hold pursuing acting opportunities on film and on stage. As she faced frustrations and struggles on her pursuit, she decided to return to her roots and step back into competition.

ACW officials were not so quick to take Monroe back. There was lingering resentment in some quarters over her abrupt departure from the promotion. She would therefore have to prove her self and earn a spot by participating in a qualifying match. Her opponent would be Tasha Moreno, a rookie also trying to qualify. Moreno was not highly regarded by ACW officials but was also being given an opportunity to retain a position with the promotion, but would have to defeat her friend to do so.

The two tied up to begin the match and Moreno took the initiative against the rusty Monroe. After a brief test of strength, Moreno took control.

Moreno wrestled Monroe onto a couch, putting her in a headlock and trying to keep her from regaining her balance or any leverage. Initially, it appeared that she would be in control throughout the match as the hapless Monroe was unprepared for her attack. Moreno, however, grew overconfident and began giggling a she tried to hold her opponent down. In doing so, she allowed Monroe to slip out of her hold.

Monroe used her weight advantage over the ultra-slim Moreno, and pushed the girl loose. At this point, Moreno, who was still sitting atop Monroe, was completely out of control of her opponent. Dixie waited patiently, maneuvering Tasha until she was ready for the right moment.

As Moreno struggled to regain her footing, Monroe allowed her just enough slack to gain enough momentum to fall back and throw Tasha head over heels backwards. Tasha tumbled over the back of the couch, landing on her feet but staggering back again the window.

Still off-balance, she staggered back towards the couch where she found Monroe waiting, licking her chops.

Monroe grabbed Moreno in a headlock and pulled her just off her feet, preventing her from gaining her footing and finding an escape. Not content to simply choke the girl out, Dixie eased up on her hold and pulled Tasha in closer, smothering her with her breast. With her legs still flailing wildly in the air, Moreno was helpless in Monroe’s arms. Back and forth Dixie moved Tasha, giving her just enough air to breathe to prolong her assault.

Finally, even Monroe became bored with her domination of Moreno. Yelling at her to tap out, Monroe pulled Tasha’s faced into her breast, smothering her mouth and nose. A confused Moreno, struggled to even figure out how to submit. Finally, mercifully, as she flailed with her feet, she was able to to smack at Dixie’s thigh. Monroe loosened her hold, allowing Moreno to roll forward and onto the floor.

Although disoriented, Moreno continued her incessant nervous giggle, in between gasping for air. Monroe, however, was deadly serious, and stopped her opponent back into a submissive prone position on the floor. Standing atop her beat foe, she realized that Moreno should not have lasted more than 30 seconds. Dixie knew that she had qualified for a return to the promotion but that she had taken a small step back on along road to being competitive.

For Moreno, her first step found her at the end of the road. The peculiar young woman angered ACW officials with her nervous laughter. Her demeanor indicated that she wasn’t serious enough for active competition and officials worried that ACW veterans might take her giggling the wrong way, thus provoking and angry response. Mercifully, Moreno was released from any ACW obligations and was told she was no longer welcome in the promotion.

Dixie Monroe has a lot of work ahead of her, but is dedicated to making her way back into the fold. “I’ve made it clear that I want my spot back, and Tanako knows that I will do whatever it takes to get the chance,” she said cryptically. “I’m willing, ready and able to do anything to work my way up the ladder!”

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