Match of the Year – 2002

00Heaven - Daniella Cartier -

Lisa Nash vs. Tabitha Van Dyne

The matchup between Lisa Nash and Tabitha Van Dyne pitted an apartment wrestling legend against an upstart. The sister of veteran Veronica Van Dyne, Tabitha thought she would be welcomed into ACW as legacy. Nash let her no that things would be different.

Van Dyne was the agressor, clipping Nash’s legs out from under her. Staddlign her opponent she worked on an anklelock and began thinking the match a certain victory. Nash, however, remained calm and shocked Tabitha by grasping the younger girl’s bikini bottoms and yanking them down. A bare-bottomed Tabitha was stunned and became apprehensive. Without her aggresion, she was no match for Nash. Lisa quickly ran the girl the girl through the gamut before finally pinning her to secure the win.


Dixie Monroe vs. Tasha Romero -

Dixie Monroe vs. Tasha Romero


Dixie Monroe’s return to action found her facing newcomer Tasha Romero. Monroe had been in hot water with ACW administrators and was forced to prove herself in a tryout match. Romero was an unknown independent worker and was available for the match and was signed to a 1-day contract.

Monroe understood the seriousness of the match for her career. Romero , on the other hand, seemed to take the match lightly, giggling hr way through most of the opening – Monroe would make her pay. Flipping Tasha over the couch, she then pulled her right back over where she smothered her opponents with her ample breasts. A flustered Romero then found herself with her head between Monroe’s legs and Dixie pulled the smaller girl’s arms until she weakly submitted.

For Monroe it was a positive step forward into the good graces of the ACW officials, while for Romero, it was a quick stopover on her way back to the bush leagues.


Heaven vs. Daniella Cartier

In the most anticipated match of the year, Daniella Cartier looked to return to form after suffering devastating injuries in an automobile accident in late 2001. For Heaven, the match offered her an opportunity to quite the naysayers who condemned her performance in the first match between the two, claiming she had cheated for the win. This match would settle things once and for all.

The early action went back and forth with Heaven having a slight advantage. Cartier patiently waited and worked Heaven to the ground. From there she took complete control of the match, using her size advantage to apply leverage, forcing Heaven down again and again. Finally she pulled Heaven backwards, stretching her entire body from head to toe. After an eternity in the hold, Heaven finally submitted.

For Daniella, the match was a culmination of years of training and a one year agonizing comeback. For Heaven, it was a bitter pill to swallow, but in way a relief. Having to carry the responsibilities of a champion for so longer had worn her down. Time away from the action would provide her with a much-needed respite.



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