Ask ACW: November 2002

Donna Dixxon -

Q: I liked the Ask ACW question last month, so here are a few more. Where is Donna Dixxon. She was one of my favorite girls to look at (what a body). Also, I haven’t heard much about Diane Hunter. I think she held one of the belts but I heard she got injured. Also, is Gia Torelli still with ACW?

A: Let’s take them one by one.

Donna Dixxon - Donna Dixxon

Donna Dixxon is no longer with the promotion. She was very popular with the fans and was considered one of the most promising talents in ACW. This, perhaps, was one of her biggest problems. Despite her potential, things never panned out for her as she suffered a horrendous losing streak. It became difficult for her to continue answering questions about the streak and thus difficult to interact with the fans. It also became difficult for the promotion to continue to push her for marketing purposes when she couldn’t seem to win a match. Finally, she lost a “Loser Leaves ACW” match against Diane Hunter and has since drifted away from the sport. The T-Shirt which she appears in (with former ACW champ Heaven) continues to be the promotion’s best selling clothing apparel.

Diane Hunter - Diane Hunter

Diane Hunter is still under contract with ACW. She was involved in a legal dispute with the promotion as well as a verbal sparring matches with ACW executives and performers but has not been released from her contract.

Hunter has been very outspoken about the influx of new talent into the promotion. She has expressed her belief that ACW has made a mistake by bringing in a number of performers from the modeling and entertainment industries, many of whom did not have what she felt was the requisite training. “They haven’t paid their dues,” she said. “I don’t think they had any business getting matches or getting marketing pushes.”

It is not known yet whether she will, in fact, make a return to action in ACW. While a return hasn’t been entirely ruled out, there are a lot of feathers within the promotion that would need to be smoothed out first.

Gia Primo Torelli

Gia Primo Torelli is is no longer under contract with ACW. She entered the promotion with a great deal of promise but suffered an injury in a match against Kristy Broussard and was out of action for a few months.

With the entrance of Motor City Posse in the summer of 2002, the promotion was busy with negotiations for promotional campaigns and with managing the new talent within the promotion. Torelli expressed an interest in focusing more on her modeling career and requested a release from her contract. ACW granted her request.

It is unknown whether she will continue in the apartment wrestling industry, although she was rumored to be working with a Chicago-based wrestling promotion.


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