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Tiffani Jones -

Tiffani Jones - Tabitha Van Dyne -

Tiffani “Carmen” Jones is one of the most outspoken
 women to enter ACW in years. Many, however, are questioning whether she can back up her talk and remain competitive within the promotion or whether she’s all talk.

To listen to her, one would think that Jones was on the verge of competing for the ACW title instead of being a newcomer to the promotion and to the sport. As part of the Motor City Posse, she entered ACW with a bang, along with fellow models Libby Watson and Chrissy Martin. Of the three, Jones seems the most serious about making a mark in the sport, going so far as to consider putting an end to her modeling career in order to focus on her training.

Such focus has gained her accolades from some corners, while others scoff at her attempt. Although dripping with confidence, the beautiful brunette is relatively small in stature, leading some to believe she can be easily overpowered. Irritated, she shoots down these suggestion, boasting that she may appear small, but she is “5′, 95 lbs. of Detroit kick-ass!”

“These dumb bitches better recognize,” said Jones. “They can try to overpower me, but they better not think they can intimidate me.” She points to her match against former D-Cup and Inter-Condominium champion Barbie Mayfield as an example. “She kept laughing at me, telling me that she was too big for me. I told her she was too damn big, then I walked up and smacked her upside the head. The little whiny bitch looked like she was in shock so I just kept jumping back and forth, moving around her and smacking her in her head again. Finally, I jumped into her chest and knocked her down and pinned her. No sweat, I just wished I had split her damned head open. She didn’t have shit to say after that!”

One ACW official observed that her size allows Jones to take advantage of her opponents. “Some of these girls underestimate Carmen,” said Von Slagle. “They want to overpower her, but it’s like the old saying… you have to catch her first.She moves so quickly that they get tired from chasing her. She’s also relentless and keeps attacking the girls. She’s quite a handful!”

When chastised for being so confrontational with a few ACW veterans, Jones remains unapologetic. “Hey, I’ll give them all their due respect, but I’m not going to have them disrespect me. I’m college-educated and I’ve built a good career for myself. If they think they’re going to talk down to me and get away with it, they’re wrong. I’ll knock a bitch out and then go and drink a Red Bull in case she wants to get up for more. I don’t care and you see they don’t have much to say afterwards.”

The irrepressible (and often irreverent) dynamo takes an interesting approach to life. “Sometimes because of my size, people try to treat me like I’m a kid. Well I’m not a damn kid, I’m a woman. If some dumb bitch can’t get that through her head, tell her to go ask her man, because I know he’ll look at me like a woman.”

In a lighter moment, Carmen does admit to being somewhat controversial. “I do have some quirks that make me interesting,” she says. “I hate clothes, and I’d much prefer if everyone could walk around nude. One of my goals in life is to run nude across the walk of fame in Hollywood.” At the same time, she gets a special thrill working with young children and is pursuing a degree in child psychology.

Despite her active schedule in ACW, Carmen has re-energized herself and is again pursuing her modeling career with a vigor. She will be featured in the February 2003 edition of Black Gold magazine, has recently made an appearance on a nationally syndicated television show and recently filmed a music video. “The music video was cool,” she says, “but the next music video that I want to appear in is my own.” A move into the world of music sounds like a pretty tall order, but with all that she has accomplished so far at such a young age, most are learning not to be against her.

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