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Daniella Cartier vs. Miranda Alexander - apartmentwrestlers.com

After more than a year away from from action in ACW, Miranda Alexander made her return to the promotion and was thrown right into the fire, with a match against ACW champion Daniella Cartier. Cartier, since gaining the title belt from former champion Heaven, has run off a string of impressive victories. Facing a still inexperienced Alexander, she prepared for an easy match.

Miranda Alexander - apartmentwrestlers.com Alexander was attempting a minor miracle. Not only was she seeking a win over the ACW champion, but was also attempting to capture the ACW Inter-Condiminium belt. Cartier still held the IC title and was required to defend it. With the prospects of an easy match at hand, she decided to put it on the line now.

Cartier tried to end the match quickly, lunging at Alexander and attempting to secure a pinfall. Alexander, shocked, could only recoil in fear, causing both women to fall to the ground. As Daniella lay momentarily on her back, Miranda saw an opportunity and grabbed the champion by the wrist and by her ankle. Twisting both, she gained leverage and put Cartier in a bow and arrow.

Pulling with both hands, she forced her foot into the small of Daniella’s back. Again and again she yanked harshly, briefly easing up and then pulling again ferociously. Cartier, however, recognized the tactic, and when Alexander eased up for a moment, she rolled towards the challenger, overcoming her and putting Miranda in a headlock.

Now in control, Cartier grabbed her opponent, and pulled her onto the couch. Applying a modified ankle-lock with one hand she grabbed Miranda by the hair with the other. Yelling at Alexander to submit, Cartier became frustrated. She began alternately choking Alexander and then delivering strikes across her back and rear end.

Alexander, unable to get her feet free, howled in pain. In desperation, when Cartier once again laid a strike again her rear end, Miranda flung herself to the ground, headfirst. Cartier tried to get to her feet but Miranda began throwing bicycle kicks at her. Half-defending herself and half-trying to control the challenger, Daniella attempted to grab Alexander’s feet.

As soon as Cartier was able to get a grasp of Alexander’s ankles, Miranda attempted an amazing maneuver. Locking her legs around Cartier’s neck, she used her feet to pull herself forward and then flipped herself backwards, attempting a huracurana, a move never before attempted in ACW.

Cartier was yanked forward from her sitting position and found herself with her head on the ground and her feet in the air. Despite striking her head on the floor, the champion managed to stay calm and maintain her composure.

In a clever maneuver, Daniella pulled Miranda backwards onto the back of her neck. Jumping into the air, she shot her feet outwards, landing them on the top of the couch. Using the couch for leverage, the champion forced all of her weight onto Alexander crotch, pinning the challengers shoulders for a three-count.

Daniella Cartier vs. Miranda Alexander - apartmentwrestlers.com Although she secured a pin fall in a relatively short match, Cartier was bewildered by how well Alexander had performed in the match. “I don’t know where she came up with that one move,” said Carter, “but it came out of nowhere. I gave her an opening, which was a big mistake on my part, but I never expected anything like that.”

Alexander, although pleased with her good showing, was fairly humble in her words about the match. “I didn’t really act out a strategy. I probably too inexperienced for that, but I did react well, and I think that’s the most important thing in this business.” Despite the loss, Alexander is almost guaranteed to climb in the promotion’s rankings. “That would be great,” she said, “but I just want to keep learning. I have a lot of time left to go after a belt.”

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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