Ask ACW: October 2002

Amber Mayfield -

Q: I haven’t heard anything recently about some of my favorite ACW girls. Where are Miranda Alexander and Dixie Monroe? Is Malaysia still training in Thailand? Will she be back? Also, Amber Mayfield didn’t get a lot of press but she was cute. Is she still in ACW?

A: Let’s take them one by one.


Miranda Alexander -

Miranda Alexander

Miranda is technically still a member of ACW but hasn’t competed for more than a year. She returned to Hawaii because of a family emergency and stayed for six months. She later went to France for a few ACW public appearances and modeling assignments.

Alexander never fully reached her potential in ACW, mainly because she never seemed fully focused on apartment wrestling. She has enjoyed success as a model in the U.S., France and Asia and as such, she often did not have enough time to properly train and ultimately had to cancel several match appearances.

Alexander has a lot of potential and is one of the prettiest girls in ACW, so she has a lot of marketing potential. It would seem that she hasn’t really burned any bridges within the promotion and would be welcomed back but it would probably depend very much on how much enthusiasm she still has for the sport.

ACW officials have been in touch with her recently but it is unclear what discussions occurred.

Malaysia - Malaysia

Malaysia is still in Thailand and will not be returning to ACW. She was a very complicated performer and rubbed many within the organization the wrong way. When she entered the promotion she was very large and her conditioning was very poor. As such, she was painfully shy and self-concious. She was placed in a vigorous training regimen and lost a lot of weight and improved dramatically as a performer. She developed an interest in Thai Boxing and she was encouraged to pursue further training in the martial arts discipline.

At some point, however, her weight loss, as well as her success in Thai boxing seemed to go to her head and she developed a terrible ego and a bad attitude. She often talked condescendingly to fellow ACW competitors, getting in several confrontations. Things came to a head when she got into a confrontation with then Champion Heaven. In the aftermath, Malaysia walked away with a broken wrist. Tanako X sent her home to Thailand to train and work on her attitude but there are apparently no plans for her to return to the promotion.

Dixie Monroe - Dixie Monroe

Dixie Monroe was the first woman to join ACW in hopes of using the promotion as a springboard to success in the motion picture industry. Although meeting with minor success (she was featured in a few independent productions and was the lead in several national commercials), she struggled to work her way into prominent productions.

Despite her struggles, she continues to pursue acting, taking roles in small theatre productions as well as taking acting classes. She has stayed in touch with ACW officials and may re-appear in the promotion in the future.

Amber Mayfield - Amber Mayfield

Amber Mayfield is no longer a part of ACW. She was released from her contract in early 2002. She suffered numerous injuries during matches and in training and was never able to stay healthy long enough to fully evaluate her capabilities.

Amber got her start in ACW due to the recommendation of her cousin, Barbie Mayfield, then the D-Cup champion. Because of her small stature she was often over-powered by her opponents. She was very aggressive, however, and for a while was very enthusiastic about apartment wrestling. As her injuries mounted, however, she became despondent about her lack of progress and ultimately decided to quit. She asked for and was granted her release and is not expected back.

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