Introducing Chrissy Martin

Chrissy Martin -

Chrissy Martin -
Christina Tanya Martin comes to
 the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion amidst controversy, both within ACW and without. She has no formal apartment wrestling training, but instead has worked the last few years as a well-known fashion model throughout Europe. She has decided to make her entrance into the world of combat sports entertainment by embarking on a career in ACW. Looking at the success of the World Wrestling Federation’s Tough Enough competition (which was broadcast for several months as a reality television series), Martin’s management team contacted ACW representatives and pitched the idea to do a similar type of television show. Martin, who is trying to break into movie and television roles in the United States, looks to gain mainstream attention for her unorthodox approach and parlay that into favorable publicity as well as a following among the popular teenage demographic market.

ACW is said to have agreed to the project because it will focus additional attention from European viewers to the growing market for apartment wrestling and will help to provide name recognition for the promotion and its performers as ACW attempts continued expansion into the European market. Filming for the project began in late July 2002.

Martin is busy training while also maintaining her hectic modeling schedule. While both parties are excited about the potential success for the experiment, not everyone is enthusiastic about the presence of an untrained person in the promotion. Former ACW champion Heaven was very outspoken about the matter. “I understand the reasoning behind it and agree that it will provide greater exposure for the promotion and the girls, but I don’t think it will do much to help with locker room morale. Some of our girls have trained and competed for years and years, helping to build this promotion. How do you think they will feel when Chrissy shows up and gets all this notoriety and attention and hasn’t put in any of the blood, sweat and tears that is necessary to make it to this level.” “Furthermore,” she continues, “if she is performing in ACW, she is taking the spot of a talented newcomer who has worked hard and paid her dues but will still have to work the minor league circuit while Chrissy gets to play apartment wrestler for a few months.”

Before the notoriety of the television project could take hold, Martin made more news of her own. In addition to working in Europe, she also took up residence in Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Known as Tanya as a model in Europe, she instead uses the name Chrissy in the United States. Choosing not to ride on her success in Europe, she opted to market herself on the Internet and take on more risque modeling assignments. She quickly developed an enormous following posing for glamour, fetish and bondage shots. Her popularity grew so immense that she was named Miss Teen Internet World 2002.

Chrissy Martin - As if all of this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she got together with two other well-known internet model Tiffani “Carmen” Jones and Libby Watson to form the Motor City Posse. The three entered ACW with great fanfare and more than a little controversy.

A number of other performers are reportedly so upset that they have requested releases from their contracts. Diane Hunter and Melanie Chatworth are reportedly among this group, although both refused to confirm the story. Hunter has been frustrated about her progress in the promotion, complaining that she was not being marketed properly and claiming that she was being held back as a performer.

As part of her busy schedule, Martin is preparing for action by training with Marque LeMonde, former olympic wrestling champion and father of ACW competitor Dominique LeMonde. Martin feels she has a legitimate chance to find success in the sport. “I know I have a lot to learn, but I am a hard worker and have been successful with everything I have ever tried'” said Martin. “I don’t think this will be any different. I know that a couple of the girls are a little ticked off about the whole thing, but for the most part they have been friendly and helpful. Heaven and I worked together for a photo shoot for Generation MX and she spent a lot of time explaining the ins and outs of the business to me. I’m taking a lot of heat for this within the European fashion community but we’ll see what happens. I believe in ACW and I believe in myself.”

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