Standing at a Crossroads

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After 18 turbulent months of controversy
Heaven can finally take a moment to sit and relax. One month after losing the ACW World Championship the blonde bombshell can finally retreat from the public spotlight and focus on herself. Whether she can enjoy some time to herself, however, remains to be seen.

Heaven, the greatest champion in ACW history and perhaps in all of apartment wrestling history, has also been the most controversial person in the sport. In just the past year she has toured Japan and Europe speaking to fight fans, posed in several magazines, appeared in an Emmy winning television documentary… and sued the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion. Her hectic and often chaotic year took another unexpected turn last month when she was defeated for the first time in her career by the new champion Daniella Cartier. The loss of her title, as well as the events of the last year has caused many to speculate that Heaven may have reached a critical point in her career and her life.

Many observers, in fact, ponder whether the blond brawler will retire from the sport. “I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t a major concern of mine,” said Tanako X, President and Founder of the promotion. “Let’s face it, what she went through in the last year is more than most people could handle in five. While I, of course, don’t agree with everything she did, especially suing us, I have to admire her determination and her resolve. We’d hate to lose her. She’s the biggest name in the sport.”

The question on the lips of some is “why would she stay in ACW?” She is a highly sought after model and actress and can make an enormous amount of money on a barnstorming tour of the far east. She turned down an opportunity for a cable television pilot (the show was being touted as a female version of the HBO standout series “OZ”) and abruptly broke off negotiations to become co-owner of a new line of fitness-wear.

In typical Heaven fashion, she responds by saying “Why do I do anything? Because I want to. Whatever I decide to do will be for my enjoyment and satisfaction.” Those expecting her to be devastated by her loss will be surprised by her reaction. “What, am I supposed to kill myself because I lost a match? With all the things I have had to deal with in the last year I think it’s obvious that I wasn’t able to focus all of my attention on the match and haven’t really been able to focus on my role as the champion. Had I been able to concentrate fully on match preparation I know I wouldn’t have lost. Daniella had a whole nine months to concentrate on one task. She made the best of it and won the belt so congratulations to her. Now, I have some time on my hands and I’m planning out my next steps. For those of you who thought I was going to curl up in a ball and cry for six months, wake up. When you see what I have planned you’ll wish I had never lost.”

Heaven - Part of her plans may involve working with and training up and coming performers. She was recently seen out at a local Chicago nightclub with members of the Motor City Posse and worked out with MCP member Libby Watson. “Tanako has an interesting concept with these girls and I understand the long-term implications and opportunities. I know what’s really planned down the road and I want to be in the mix.”

Heaven also appears likely to continue with her outside activities. “I have no plans to slow down. In fact, I’m going to step things up a bit. I’m doing new stuff with my website and have been doing a lot of modeling and traveling and I’m starting to learn a lot about business concepts and principles. I’m preparing for a life after ACW but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m ready to retire anytime soon.”

Others see Heaven’s defeat as a changing of the guard within the promotion. “She’s old news, and there’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Daniella Cartier,” says the new ACW champion. “Heaven had a good run, but now it’s time for her to bow out and fade away. As far as I’m concerned, I’m bringing a whole new game to the table and I’m running the show.”

Heaven scoffs at Cartier’s remarks. “Daniella talks a lot of smack but I think it’s obvious she’s trying to convince herself. She playing a game of liar’s poker but I hold all the wild cards in this promotion and that’s what keeps everyone so nervous. Let me be clear Daniella… I can take you out anytime I want, any way I want. Enjoy your title while you have it and keep your mouth shut because you don’t want to piss me off. Nobody wants to piss me off!”

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