The Motor City Posse Rocks ACW

Motor City Posse -

Chrissy Martin, Carmen Jones and Libby Watson have made names for themselves around the world, but certainly not within the world of apartment wrestling. Tanako X is certain, however, that by the end of the year, they will be the hottest faction in the apartment wrestling industry.

Chrissy Martin -
The trio is known collectively as the Motor City Posse throughout the online fashion industry. They made a name for themselves when they made waves recently, turning the fashion world on its head. TIred of standard industry hierarchies and pretentious pecking orders, the ambitious trio decided to break ranks and go off on their own, eschewing formal representation and pushing their modeling careers on their own. More importantly, they solidified their roles as the fashion world’s bad girls by blatantly showing their defiance of industry standards and protocols and daring anyone to call them on it.

Chrissy Martin, a fiery redheaded girl next-door began taking on assignments with gothic and bondage and discipline themes, shocking many industry insiders. “Personally, I thought she had just ruined her career,” said Eva Serenson, Senior Editor of Madamon, the esteemed fashion magazine. “How do you go from being ‘America’s Most Wholesome’ to ‘the American Bad Girl’ overnight? We all laughed and second-guessed her, but her marketability has skyrocketed, as have her bookings.”

Martin, the Miss Teen Internet World 2002 believes that her rebellious independence is representative of a whole sub-culture of fashion conscious young women. “Young people today don’t dress like the Brady Bunch. We have attitude, we have personality, we have style. I’m not afraid to show that in my work.”

Tanako X approached Martin in the spring of 2002. “I like her spunk, her daring, her devil may care attitude. I also like that she’s so wholesome looking that people could underestimate the wildcat within. She was the first cog in my plan.”

Tiffani Jones - Tiffani “Carmen” Jones provided somewhat of a contrast to Martin. Not so much intent was she to prove herself a “bad girl” as she was to show herself to be a “bad ass.” Standing 5′ 0″ and weighing in at only 92 lbs., Jones has grown accustomed to people underestimating her because of her size. The snappy brunette bemoaned that “as I pursued my modeling career, people would often treat me like a child.” Things blew up when Jones was interviewed by a Detroit morning television show. The host of the show, Joan Arken, continually referred to her as a little girl. When Arken jokingly asked Jones if she was attending the ninth grade junior high prom, Jones exploded. “I said ‘bitch, I’m not a child… just ask your man‘.” A rattled Arken tried to make light of the comment, stammering out another quip, to which Jones responded, “Bitch , you’re just just mad because your fat ass sags as much as your ratings. You keep talking about how young I am so it’ll explain why you look so damn old. Get on a treadmill you stupid bitch.” Jones then threw a T-shirt at the stunned host with a Motor City Posse logo on it, shouting “get with the game bitch!” The incident made all of the news wires and was played on late night talk shows.

One person watching was Tanako X. “This was the first I had seen of Carmen and I liked what I saw. She’s a spitfire. When you piss her off, she’s relentless. She’s aggressive, fearless and intimidating. When I realized she was affiliated with Ms. Martin, I flew her in for an interview.”

Libby Watson was part of the underground, goth scene in Detroit and turned to modeling after appearing on a few album covers for local musicians. Watson’s hourglass figure allowed her to enjoy a wide range of modeling assignments but she grew tired of agencies trying to force to her typecast herself into one look or another. Familiar with Jones and Martin, she joined them in forming the Motor City Posse group.

Libby Watson -

Watson suffered life-threatening injuries as a young girl in a horse-riding accident. Recovering from the massive injuries she took up aikido and yoga in order to strengthen and heal her body. This resulted in her earning a black belt in the martial art and learning to manage her pain threshold far beyond normal limits. “it’s not that I don’t feel pain anymore,” says Watson, “it’s just that I am so used to it that it takes a great deal to make me notice it. I like pain, in some ways, because the more it takes to hurt me, the stronger I feel.”

Watson came to the ACW’s attention when she was discovered by ACW agent Von Schlaegel. “Actually, she brought herself to my attention. I noticed her onstage at Metro, a club in Chicago,. Her friends were playing in a band and she sat in with them playing bass when some drunk idiot started heckling the band. Out of nowhere I just saw her long leg flash through the air from the stage and deliver a roundhouse kick to the side of his head. Without missing a beat, she went right back to playing. The girls in the club went nuts and started crowding around her cheering.” She received a call from X a week later.

Tanako X brought the group into ACW as he plans to take the promotion into a new direction. “To be honest, the last year has been the most difficult one I’ve ever experienced in apartment wrestling. More than just legal issues, I think we have to change the way we handle talent in ACW. The performers are the central theme of the promotion but the inmates are no longer going to run the asylum here. Basically we had issues where some of the girls were trying to hold the company up for more money and threatening to renege on agreements for marketing promotions and our international tours. Thus, we have systematically been cutting the fat and releasing them one by one. They need to realize that we are providing entertainment for our audience and we will continue doing so with or without them. No one is irreplaceable herebut me and if they want to play hardball with me, I’ll send their silly asses packing. No one will damage the integrity of ACW again by disappointing our fans.”

X continued, “for the veterans in the promotion, they better work twice as hard, because we have hungry, energetic, young women who want to be featured online and in our video tape series. I brought the Motor City Posse in because they represent the new blood of the industry. Highly respected models who aren’t afraid to enter another arena and get their hands dirty. Furthermore, they performed incredibly well for the first video taping and I didn’t hear any bitching, moaning and whining from them. I will promote these girls to the best of my ability. All of the older veterans better fall in line or hit the road. If they resent the “beautiful models” getting an opportunity to battle in apartment wrestling, I’ll match any of them up with Carmen Jones. She might not beat you the first time or even the second time but she’ll keep coming back with a ferocity and intensity that it will demoralize you and leave you curled up in a fetal position whining like a three year old.”

The MCP members are excited about their opportunity. “I kept hearing about ACW while I was modeling in Europe,” said Chrissy Martin. “I had no idea how big their following was. I had a ball doing the video and I enjoyed working with Tanako. He liked our no B.S. approach.”

Added Libby Watson, “we have a lot to learn in terms of grappling skills, but we’re a lot tougher than people think. Growing up on the mean streets of Detroit necessitates toughness. We won’t back down from any of the ACW girls. I’m really excited about the opportunities and exposure this gives us. I’m getting booking from around the country now and may travel to Europe for a few weeks to do some modeling.”

Carmen Jones summed up the group’s feelings. “We’re having fun, we’re boosting our careers and we’re helping Tanako get rid of some of the dead weight in the promotion. I’m supportive of any girl here who wants to work hard to help herself and ACW. For all those other whiny bitches, take a look at Libby’s ass ’cause she’s got a message for you from the posse!”

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