Daniella Cartier vs. Jazmine Cashmere

Daniella Cartier vs. Jazmine Cashmere - apartmentwrestlers.com

The Daniella Cartier era got underway with a match against newcomer Angela Foster. Foster (also known by her more popular porn stage name of Jazmine Cashmere), a ta’i chi instructor, entered the world of competitive fighting in 1999 in exhibition martial arts matches throughout the midwest. Although an impressive performer, she had yet to face the top competition in ACW. Daniella Cartier sought to convince her that she wasn’t just in the big leagues, but facing the best of the best.

Jazmine Cashmere - apartmentwrestlers.com Cartier attacked immediately and the two rolled around on the bed, fighting for the leverage of control. Surprisingly, the smaller, quicker Foster squirmed away several times. Daniella grew frustrated, hoping to make quick work of her opponent. She continued to lunge at Foster and with each attempt risked making herself vulnerable.

Angela watched carefully and sensing that Cartier was becoming careless, took advantage. Grabbing Daniella’s arm, she pulled the off-balance champion forward and spinning behind her mounted Cartier.

The mood and expression of the two women were stark contrasts to what each imagined before the match. The supremely confident Cartier was now confused and off-balance. The underdog Foster was poised and feeling competitively sure of herself. Victory seemed not only possible but, to Foster, increasingly probable.

Cartier was not about to give up her title after her ninth month quest to gain it. Like a captive snake, she squirmed and bucked until she forced Angela off of her.

Having escaped Angela’s mount, Daniella now looked to regain control. Rather than rush into another trap, she grappled Foster into a leg scissors/choke hold combination. Holding Foster down, Daniella allowed her own head to clear and focused her attention to develop an offensive plan.

The larger champion decided to take aground approach, leaning into Foster, pressing the challenger’s face into the bed mattress and pillows. The struggle to breathe freely took its toll, causing Angela to gasp for air. The heavier she panted, the more tired she felt.

Now in control, Cartier opted to dominate her opponent. Moving from hold to hold Daniella relished being in control. It seemed that for every move she made, Foster moved accordingly into her web.

Foster, however, was not about to just give up. Through sheer will, desire and desperation she launched one last charge, toppling the champion and jumping on her. Grasping at Daniella’s long limbs, she tried to gain any advantage possible.

Daniella, however, was now calm, patient and confident… and she wasn’t about to lose this match.

Waiting for the right moment, Daniella quickly twisted Foster body until she was able to achieve a reverse mount. Facing away from Angela, Daniella grasped the challenger’s feet and slowly and deliberately pulled them towards her, forcing pain and pressure with every seconds.

Daniella Cartier vs. Jazmine Cashmere - apartmentwrestlers.com Foster realized that she had come to a point where she had neither the strength nor the skill to get out of her dilemma. Knowing that further resistance would lead to injury she quickly tapped out.

For Foster, though she came out on the losing end of the match, she proved herself competitive and competent. For Cartier, the match may have served as a wake up call, that her impressive victory of Heaven did not ensure a smooth and easy run as the champion.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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