Ask ACW: July 2002

Libby Watson -

Barbie Mayfield -
 Why are so many new girls entering ACW? What happened to Taylor Wilson and Barbie Mayfield?

A: Tanako X, the CEO and Founder of Apartment Championship Wrestling has has stated that “Apartment Championship Wrestling is dedicated to providing the best in sports entertainment and to providing fresh new faces, intent on making a mark on the business. Unfortunately, circumstances arise where some of our competitors become complacent, enjoying the notoriety they have received from being a part of ACW and they often tend to forget that ACW should be their priority. Furthermore, as some of the competitors get older, they find themselves competing with younger, more active competitors. As such, they need to put forth their best efforts to stay on top or they will very simply be replaced.”

Taylor WIlson caused a great deal of dissension within the promotion and was encouraged to seek out opportunities with other promotions. Ms. Mayfield has been pre-occupied with her modeling career and has been released by ACW. Other ACW competitors either released by the promotion or assigned to feeder promotions included Donna Dixxon, Dixie Monroe, Diane Hunter and Amber Mayfield.

Libby Watson -

“While we appreciate the contributions of our former competitors,” said X, “this is not a charity ward. There are hundreds of girls wanting a spot within the promotion and if they are willing to work harder, they deserve the spot!”

Who is the current D-Cup champion?

A: The D-Cup title is currently vacant. Barbie Mayfield, having been released by ACW, has been subsequently stripped of the title. ACW will be sending newcomer Libby Watson to Japan to compete in the annual tournament. Watson was chosen because of her martial arts background and because the promotion would like to expose her to the rigors of international competition.

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