Introducing Kristy Broussard

Kristy Broussard -

Kristy Broussard -
“Kristy Broussard may be too tough for ACW.” So says ACW founder Tanako X. Broussard is among the latest newcomers to ACW, part of the promotion’s efforts for an accelerated expansion. As the promotion has moved away from the adversity caused sex scandals and injuries, ACW has heavily recruited new competitors and Broussard became a shoo in for a spot within the promotion after an impressive run through the ACW Training Academy as well as a noteworthy record on the independent circuit.

Broussard, the self-described “Windy City Bad Ass” competed on the independent circuit for the last two years using the name Kristy Bruiser (after the fighting style of the late professional wrestler Dick the Bruiser). Standing 5′ 7″, and weighing 135 pounds, Kristy has had formidable training in numerous martial arts styles. An accomplished black belt in Shodokan Karate, she also has extensive training in Hapkido, Judo and Kickboxing. Says Broussard “I know a thousand ways to inflict damage and a thousand ways to escape from holds. There is no one in this promotion as accomplished and as dangerous as me.”

Her formidable strength, however, may also be her greatest weakness. “Sometimes Kristy is too tough for her own good. In the world of competitive fighting, you have to take a long-term approach and live to fight another day. Kristy will sometimes take far too much punishment trying to convince her opponents that they can’t hurt her. The cumulative effect of this can have serious implications.” Such was the case in January when Broussard withstood repeated kicks to her midsection and lower back during a training session, taunting her opponent, Tabitha Van Dyne, incessantly.

The next day, Broussard was rushed to the emergency room of Cook County Hospital Center and was found to have suffered damage to one of her kidneys. The injuries necessitated minor surgery which kept her out of action for two months. “Injuries are just part of the game,” said Kristy. “I’m not going to change my style. I’m aggressive by nature and that’s why I win.”

Her tough girl persona notwithstanding, Kristy is very much the lady — that is until she starts a match. “I don’t know what happens,” she says. “It’s almost like a different part of me takes over.” Whatever takes over causes her to yell, scream and even growl at her opponents not to mention thoroughly overwhelm them. “I don’t really try to intimidate them. It’s just that when the match starts, I get pissed off that they even think they have a chance. I take it as an insult.”

Kristy Broussard promises to bring a different look to ACW. As long as she can adapt her style to competitive rules and keeps from injuring herself, she seems destined for great success. Let the girls of ACW feel forewarned.

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