Gia Primo vs. Kristy Broussard

Gia Primo vs. Kristy Broussard -

The determination by ACW officials to continue the influx of new talent into the promotion brought about a match between Gia Primo and Kristy Broussard. Both had caught the eye of ACW scouts performing in matches for independent promotions in Chicago. The match between “the Golden Girl” and “the Bruiser” would prove to be memorable.

Gia Primo - The match began with Broussard as the aggressor. She launched herself at Gia, tackling her and trying immediately for a pin. Gia struggled away, but Kristy continued her pursuit. With both girls on their knees facing each other, Primo tried to pull at Broussard’s hair but Kristy grabbed her arm and forced her to the ground with an arm bar. Taking advantage of her position, Kristy leapt behind her, Grabbing Gia’s and sitting back in a painful Siberian Butterfly maneuver. As Kristy growled loudly in her ears, Gia struggled to find an escape route.

Escaping from the hold, Gia moved quickly across the room towards the bed. Kristy again aggressively lunged at Gia but Primo calmly sidestepped her and then pushed her in the back onto the bed. When Kristy tried to regain control and turn over, Gia straddled her, pulling Kristy’s legs back, leaning back and trying to gain a pinfall.

Kristy, in full panic, began flailing wildly with her arms, grabbing at Gia’s hair and pulling on it. Her actions paid off as Gia released her hold but she cleverly transitioned into a leg-scissors hold on Kristy’s neck. The more that Kristy squirmed, the tighter Gia’s hold Again in trouble, Kristy looked to escape and then time found it in duplicating Gia’s hold. Reaching out with her legs, she snared Gia’s head with her feet and locked her ankles around her neck.

Again Gia released her hold but she continued her attack. She jumped on top of Kristy, straddling her stomach and choked her with one hand and pulled her hair with the other. Keeping Kristy confused and panicked, she leaned in pressing Broussard’s shoulders into down against the bed, again attempting for a pinfall. Kristy desperately struggled and thrust her hips upward, toppling Primo forward and off of the bed. Gasping for her breath, Broussard rolled off of the bed avoiding her opponent.

Kristy slowly approached Gia with her hands outstretched. Gia stopped in her tracks, curiously looking at Kristy. She then reached out with her hands and the two girls engaged in a finger-lock test of strength. Kristy growled loudly and Gia realized she had made a mistake. Kristy pulled forcefully and swung the smaller girl onto the bed.

Following Gia onto the bed, Kristy grabbed Primo’s ankles and applied a painful anklelock. A Gia howled in pain, Kristy maneuvered around and straddled her back, grabbing Gia’s ankles and leaned back, forcing enormous pressure on her opponents back. As she pulled forcefully on Gia’s legs, she growled for Gia to submit. Gia responded, instead, by bucking her rear end upwards, causing Kristy to momentarily lose her balance.

Spinning away from Broussard, Gia rolled off of the bed and struggled to get away from her. Her legs, however, were still in excruciating pain, preventing her from standing. As Kristy tried to pounce on her, Gia defended herself by throwing kicks at her while lying on her back. Kristy patiently took her time, waiting to see an opening for an opportunity.

Gia Primo vs. Kristy Broussard - Watching for her opportunity. Kristy kept grasping at Gia’s legs, while subtly moving to her left. With lightening quickness, she grabbed one of Gia’s flailing feet while simultaneously leaving the ground, delivering a leg drop across Gia’s chest. With her leg pressing down against Primo’s throat she grabbed her legs, rolling Gia up for the pin while tugging on her bikini bottoms for added leverage.

Gia, through in trouble, did not panic, instead lifting her shoulder off the ground while swaying her hips from side to side. Suddenly, she swung her hips to the left enabling her to thrust her legs the right. After fastening her calves around Kristy’s neck, she pitched Broussard sideways, gaining a momentary reprieve.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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