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For Daniella Cartier, the last six months
 have been a quagmire of anticipation, achievement, frustration and despair from which she has struggled to escape. Her trials and tribulations, however, have not dampened her spirit. Instead, they have enabled her to narrow her focus on one goal – capturing the ACW World Championship.

Cartier’s rise within the promotion was fast and furious. After only four months, many were whispering their belief that she should be considered the favorite in a match against ACW champion Heaven. Having reached an impressive 18 straight victories, Cartier began to believe the whispers and threw out a challenge to the champion. With online debates raging, anticipation for t he match grew intensely. Finally, in June 2001, the two met in what www.apartmentwrestlers.com viewers voted the match of the year for 2001.

After a long and drawn out match, which shifted from one competitor to the other, Cartier appeared to be on the verge of overcoming the champion. Heaven, however, in an act of desperation, stomped on Cartier’s foot, rolling up a pain-stricken Daniella for the pin.

Howls of protest erupted from all corners, as fans around the world demanded that Heaven be stripped of the title, or at the very least, forced to grant Cartier a rematch. With public sentiment behind her, an angry Cartier seemed poised to vault to championship status. Then, just as suddenly, Cartier’s career almost ended. She was involved in a one car accident which left her with numerous career threatening injuries, including broken ribs, a laceration of the left shoulder, a strained spinal cord and a detached patella. “I just lost control of the car in the rain,” said Cartier. “The next thing I knew, I was just spinning and spinning. When I crashed into the guardrail and then the wall, I just kept asking myself whether I was still alive. Then the pain kicked in and it was too much for me and I lost consciousness.”

Doctors feared that the injuries were career threatening, if not life altering, “At first, my only concern was for my health,” said Cartier. “But after a few days I just began wondering whether I had worked for so long for nothing. After a while it just consumed me and it has become an obsession.” Cartier surprised her doctors, recovering rapidly from her injuries. She began light training in January and has progressed to the point that she believes the time is right to make a public statement. “After working so hard to regain my health, I now feel that I am back to my top competitive level. I felt like I beat Heaven in our first match and I think I can beat her now. So, I am now laying out the challenge Heaven. I want a match against you for the belt. Step up and act like a champion and put it all on the line.”

With another match of the year caliber battle possible, ACW officials are eagerly trying to put such a match together for sometime in April or May 2002. “My will to win carried through the accident and rehabilitation,” said Cartier. “Now it will lead me to the championship. I will not lose!”

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