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Lisa Nash -

Lisa Nash -


Although a newcomer to Apartment Championship WrestlingLisa Nash is certainly not a newcomer to the world of apartment wrestling. Nash is a well-known and well-respected veteran of the sport, having competed on many levels throughout Europe, Asia and in the United States. The former Parisian Women’s Champion, Nash had become a fixture over in Europe. In fact, she is often credited with making the sport “chic” and popular amongst the European “in crowds.”

Nash first gained notoriety in the 1994 Pan American Wrestling Festival where she won the Brady Cup, outmatching a field of competitors. She was recruited by Tanako X to come and train with him in Chicago but she was also wooed by European promoters. “I was interested in what Tanako had to say,” said Nash, “but he was quite involved with establishing his promotion here and the European promoters were able to offer me more money at the time.”

Beginning her career in Europe Lisa met with immediate success, although life wasn’t necessarily easy on her. “The cultural thing was different for me,” said Nash. “I lived most of my life in Southern California, so living in France and traveling all over Europe was difficult for me. I didn’t speak any of the languages and didn’t know my way around. Fortunately, almost everyone I met spoke English and they helped me along.” Nash’s next few years were spent moving from promotion to promotion, as she became the most sought after performer in Europe, as well as the highest paid.

Tanako X tried several times to bring her into the ACW fold but Nash was content to stay in Europe. “I was having a great amount of success, great popularity and I really enjoyed the lifestyle, so I really didn’t have must of an incentive to return to the States. Besides, when you are the reigning champion on one continent, why walk away from that?”

Things changed, however, when ACW began making inroads to the European market, developing alliances with other apartment wrestling promotions. “As ACW became more well known, a lot of fans started asking me why I wasn’t fighting Heaven or Barbie Mayfield or Daniella Cartier,” said Nash. “I also started feeling like the big fish in a small pond and thought maybe I’d like to try out the bigger competition.” Thus, made the move last month to join Apartment Championship Wrestling as a part of the exchange of talent between ACW and several of the European promotions.

Nicknamed “the Lash,” Nash is noted for using her sinewy trim upper torso to generate enormous torque in order to throw her opponents off balance. Her signature moved, dubbed “the whiplash” has impressed a number of ACW performers since her debut last month. With her credentials in place, Nash could be excused for confidently resting on her laurels. So far, however, she has not done so. “I know that a lot of people think that I might be overrated and will be trying to use me as a stepping stone, but I recognize the higher level of competition here and am staying very much on top of my training as well as learning the ACW style.” Nash will not have time to rest on her laurels either as she has a busy schedule ahead of her. In addition to several preliminary matches this month, she will also spend a lot of time at the ACW Training Academy in Chicago. “I’m determined to enjoy as much success in ACW as I did in Europe and I will do what it takes to accomplish that.”

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