Introducing Tabitha Van Dyne

Tabitha Van Dyne -

Tabitha Van Dyne -
Tabitha Van Dyne looks like a bubbly college coed 
ready to pledge a sorority and in a way she is. Like a sorority pledge who is considered a legacy, Tabitha enters Apartment Championship Wrestling following in the footsteps of her older sister, apartment wrestler turned attorney Veronica Van Dyne. Although acknowledging her sister’s influence, Tabitha is determined to make a name for herself and doesn’t want any special treatment because she walks in her sister’s shadow. She is concerned, however, that like a sorority pledge, she may face a certain amount of additional hazing because of her sister.

Tabitha, eight years Veronica’s junior, grew up reading about her sister’s exploits. Although exciting by the fame and publicity, she seemed very unlikely to follow in her sister’s footsteps. For much of her early life she behaved as a normal child and blossomed into womanhood like an average teenager. Boy-crazy and headstrong, however, she soon began hanging out with a “dangerous” crowd of friends. In trouble constantly in school and with local officials, Tabitha was fortunate in that none of her infractions landed her in serious trouble. “It seemed like no matter what kind of trouble I got in, nothing stuck,” she said. “I was able to wiggle my way out of any problem. My friends started calling me “Vegas” because I was always so lucky and the name stuck.”

After graduating from high school, Tabitha faced a difficult decision in determining what to do next with her life. She considered attending college but recognized that she was not yet ready to be serious enough to make that type of commitment. She decided instead to travel with friends for a year and set out for Europe, intent on backpacking from country to country. While in Spain, she learned about an apartment wrestling convention in Madrid and decided to attend on a lark. Accompanied by two friends she met Barbie Mayfield, Dixie Monroe and Lisa Nash. She also met Tanako X, who spoke with her at length about her sister Veronica.

After returning back to her hotel, she joked about the convention with some of her friends. As they laughed, their playful banter became a little more animated and one girl began teasing her, pretending to grapple. Tabitha surprised everyone in the room when she deftly wrestled the girl to the floor and applied a hammerlock. “Something my sister taught me,” she explained.

For Tabitha, it was a tuning point. “I really got a charge out of it. My friends were looking at me like I was a real bad-ass. I started joking with them telling them that I was going to begin training to become an apartment wrestler and all of a sudden we started talking about it and it sounded really cool.”

Tabitha Van Dyne - Tabitha called her sister Veronica to ask her advice. “I told her absolutely not,” said Veronica Van Dyne. “I have worked very hard to establish myself as an attorney so that I could provide for myself and my sister. I wanted to pay her way through college and help her with a career. I don’t want her going down this road. She doesn’t know how hard it is or what she is in for. All she sees is the glamour of ACW, she doesn’t know what it is going to be like for her to make it – the training, the travel. Tanako won’t care that she’s my sister. He won’t take it easy on her. In fact he’ll probably be that much harder on her.”

Tabitha was undeterred by her sister’s advice. “Hey it’s my life and I want to live it on the edge. I just want to have fun and I think this will be!” Van Dyne didn’t enjoy very much fun over the next few months, however, as she was put through a stringent three month training program at the ACW Academy DoJo. She then went to Poland for one month and to Canada for six weeks for additional training and competition with ACW-affiliates.

Her body was bruised but her confidence was not. “It is a lot harder than I thought it would be but I’ve put in the hard work and paid my dues so I won’t give up now.”


For Tabitha Van Dyne, the next few months will be filled with excitement as she moves along the road towards a title shot. “I’m really excited because I have met a lot of famous people and have been hanging out with the A-crowd. There has been talk about me getting the cover of a few magazines so I’m hoping for big things.”

Not everyone is quite as enthusiastic about her chances for success.

“In my humble opinion, her focus is completely on the wrong things,” said Tanako X, the founder of ACW. “She is looking at this as a thrill ride and looking to make the jump from apartment wrestling to major entertainment vehicles. She should be more intent on working on becoming a great apartment wrestler first… She is talented, however, so perhaps things will work out for her.”

However things do work out for Tabitha Van Dyne, she will have someone in her corner, albeit grudgingly. “Of course I’m going to support her,” said Veronica Van Dyne. “She’s actually a lot better than I thought she would be and I am proud of her.”

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