Lisa Nash vs. Tabitha Van Dyne

With injuries piling up within the promotion, ACW officials recently announced a public search for new competitors. Amongst the responses were two very interesting: one from an established international star, another from an exciting newcomer.

Tabitha Van Dyne - Lisa Nash had starred for years as one of the top apartment wrestlers in Europe. Her opponent, Tabitha Van Dyne was a relative unknown within the sport. She was, however, the sister of Veronica Van Dyne, a former apartment wrestler who had gained famed in subsequent years as a noted attorney. The matchup would serve as a noteworthy entrance for both performers.

Tabitha opened the match, slapping a relaxed Nash across the face. Nash recovered quickly and used leverage to force her younger opponent to her back.

Pinned by the experienced Nash, Van Dyne used the movement offered by the cushions of the couch to roll Lisa off of her, catapulting her stiffly onto the floor. Losing her breath momentarily, Nash was unprepared as Tabitha moved forward and grabbed both of Lisa’s feet pulling one against the other in a painful leg bar.

As Nash thrashed about in pain, Van Dyne believed herself to be within reach of her first victory in ACW… Lisa Nash had other ideas.

Nash, a veteran of many years, knew how to effectively play possum. As soon as Van Dyne had gained enough confidence, Nash used it against her. Spotting Tabitha’s greatest immediate vulnerability, Nash reached out and grabbed Tabitha’s bikini bottom, yanking it down to expose the young girl’s buttocks. Tabitha, startled, immediately jumped off of Nash and tried to flee from her. Nash, however, was not about to let go and held on to the bikini bottoms with both hands. As Tabitha continued to crawl away, Lisa followed her, continuing to pull until the bikini bottoms hung from Van Dyne’s ankles.

Following her onto the bed, Nash mounted her, sitting on her back and applying a chokehold. As Tabitha gasped for breath, Lisa moved around her 180 degrees and sitting harshly on Van Dyne’s upper back, grabbed both of the girls ankles and twisted them harshly.

Out of a sense of sheer desperation Tabitha screamed and violently pushed herself off of the bed. In doing so, her foot struck Nash on the side of the head, stunning her and immediately stopping her momentum. Tabitha now began choking Lisa, shifting her weight to gain leverage.

Nash, trying to remain calm, reached out, grasping at Tabitha’s bikini top, hoping to again shock her opponent into letting go of her hold. Tabitha, however, did not fall for the ploy and pressed on with her attack. Moving forward between Lisa’s legs, Tabitha leaned forward, hoping to finish her off. Lisa, however, had goaded the young girl in to yet another trap. Cleverly sneaking her feet behind Van Dyne, she prepared to spring into action.

Wrapping her feet around Van Dyne’s, Nash quickly shoved Tabitha backwards, effectively tripping her, and propelling onto her back. Although unhurt, Van Dyne was taken aback by the maneuver and Nash quickly moved in for the kill. Nash mounted her, holding her down by the elbows and pressing her fingers into Tabitha’s elbow joint.

As Tabitha squirmed and tried to fight back, Nash leaned forward, holding down Van Dyne’s shoulders and pressing her finger in between Tabitha’s upper breastplate and lower trapezoids. Tabitha, in agony, quickly submitted and Nash collapsed on top of her in exhaustion.

For both women, it was an honorable introduction into ACW. For Nash, it was a reminder of her many previous battles, but for Van Dyne, it was a clear indication that she would need additional training and experience before she would be capable of taking on seasoned veterans.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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