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Heaven - Apartment Championship Wrestling has announced that it has reached a settlement agreement in a lawsuit with one of its top competitors, former champion Heaven. The promotion had been embroiled in a dispute with Heaven for the last five months related to her appearances on an adult-themed Internet website. ACW claimed that such appearances violated a provision in Heaven’s contract, whereby she was prohibited from appearing in any media productions of an adult nature. Heaven countered by stating that such a provision unfairly restricted her from engaging in lucrative activities outside of ACW. As the dispute became more prolonged, it also became more contentious, with ACW stating a desire to move on without her being involved in the promotion and with Heaven claiming, among other things, that she had suffered sexual harassment within the promotion, specifically making allegations against ACW CEO and Founder Tanako X.

As the lawsuit drew closer to the trial date, it seemed more and more likely that no resolution was in sight. The promotion had recently developed a marketing campaign pushing other rising and established stars within the promotion. Heaven, on the other hand, began establishing connections outside of ACW, negotiating marketing and merchandising deals for fitness products and clothing lines and for software and online gaming products. She also announced her intentions to develop a separate promotion to compete with ACW, encouraging a number of current ACW performers to jump ship. ACW responded by adding a claim of contract tampering to the lawsuit and announced that it intended to take action against any performers who had engaged in discussions with Heaven on the matter. All aspects of the legal dispute have been resolved between the parties, although ACW has not dropped its actions against the other performers.

It is unclear what the driving force was behind settling the suit. There is rampant speculation that ACW was eager to end the dispute rather than open the doors to having its laundry aired in public, replete with salacious allegations and tawdry details. It is more likely, however, that current injuries to Daniella Cartier and Diane Hunter have left the promotion short of big-name stars, a necessity for negotiating International marketing and licensing agreements. As well, the uncertainty of not having a crowned champion made many advertisers and sponsors nervous about signing on with the promotion.

Details of the settlement have not been officially announced, but it is known that Heaven has been reinstated as the promotion’s champion, has received a portion of back pay and has been granted the right to market herself to different adult-oriented venues. ACW, on the other hand, now has tie-ins to all merchandising deals in which Heaven engages, receiving a fixed percentage of sales as well as a larger percentage of all media appearances by Heaven, including television, radio, motion picture and Internet-based performances. ACW, therefore would share in the lucrative endorsement deals which have become prominent for many athletes in recent years. Heaven, however, is the first apartment wrestler to be featured in mainstream advertisements. An ACW source said that the promotion believes it will benefit significantly by doing so and may begin to add such revenue-sharing arrangements within the contracts of other ACW performers.

ACW sources declined to go on record regarding the settlement, echoing Tanako X’s desire that the promotion “get the controversy behind us and move forward with providing the highest caliber of entertainment for our fans around the world.” Heaven, however, did speak on record, downplaying the controversy and refusing to claim victory in the settlement. “I’m just happy that it’s over,” she said. “It’s hard to be involved in a dispute like this with people who are like family. There’s no place else I would rather be than in ACW and I look forward to getting back into action and a chance to entertain the fans.”

When asked to comment on her allegations against X, Heaven downplayed the situation by saying that “a lot of things were said that I’m sure we all wish hadn’t been said. I think that what is important is that we all just work well together in the future. I have nothing but good things to say about Tanako. He is a true gentleman.”

(NoteWhile Heaven has dropped her claim of alleged improprieties, our staff is continuing to look into the matter and is following several leads. We will report on the matter as details emerge).

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