Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon

Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon - apartmentwrestlers.com

For Donna Dixxon, the match represented an opportunity to escape from the lingering cloud of doubt that seemed to follow her due to her inability to close out matches. For Taylor Wilson, the match would provide a chance to regain her form after a four month suspension.

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The match started out fast with Dixxon taking the offensive, smothering Wilson’s face with her breasts. Taylor, however, reversed the move and rolled Dixxon into a pinning maneuver. Instead of securing the pin, however, she taunted Dixxon, sinking her teeth into Donna rear end.

Maneuvering behind Wilson, Dixxon was determined not to allow herself to suffer a lapse of concentration. She also was determined that she would escalate the intensity of the match and leave nothing to spare. Continuing to choke Wilson, Dixxon grabbed the larger girls flailing arms and pulled them back, forcing her knee into Wilson’s back.

She continued her attack, grabbing Taylor by the hair and shaking her head violently back and forth, smacking her across the head, back and rear end. A flustered Wilson seemed unable to counter and appeared at a loss to mount a defensive stance. Dixxon was in complete control and and was definitely wearing her opponent down. Then, as too often happens, Donna got lost in the moment. She began looking around at people watching the match. As soon as she saw the ACW camera crew, she seemed to fix her attention on them and began performing for the camera instead of for the win.

A desperate Taylor Wilson quickly maneuvered away from Dixxon and aggressively attacked her opponent, smacking and biting Dixxon on her breasts. As Donna recoiled in pain, Wilson roughly pushed her to the ground, in order to get a moment to regroup. She saw, however, that Dixxon, so caught with the cameras a moment ago, was now befuddled and therefore vulnerable. That quickly, the momentum had shifted to Wilson and she began grabbing, smacking, pushing and smothering Dixxon in order to keep her of balance.

Dixxon panicked and played right into Taylor’s hands. Wilson, in control now, decided not only to win the match, but to get everybody’s attention by destroying her smaller opponent. Squeezing Donna’s head between her long legs, Taylor grabbed her around the waist and prepared for a vicious power move.

Picking Donna up at the waist, Taylor appeared to be planning to powerbomb or piledrive her opponent, moves that are certainly outside the scope of normal apartment wrestling maneuvers. Donna, however, desperately squirmed away and was able to reach the floor with her hands in order to brace herself and prevent Wilson’s effort.

With the blood rushing to her head, a weakened Dixxon struggled to maintain her defense as the more powerful Wilson forced her down to the ground and spun around and mounted her.

Reaching back, Wilson grabbed Dixxon’s left leg and pulled it painfully forward. When Dixxon tried to brace herself with her hand, she inadvertently threw her head back with a scream of pain. Wilson saw her opportunity and grabbed Donna by the hair and then slipped her arm under Dixxon’s neck. Pulling forward on Dixxon’s leg and back on her throat, Wilson had her opponent in an indefensible position. Dixxon, choking and in terrible pain, weakly tapped out.

Taylor Wilson vs. Donna Dixxon - apartmentwrestlers.com Exhausted, the two grapplers collapsed in a heap. Wilson had not realized how heavy a toll the match had taken on her body. Though satisfied with her performance, she knew that she had a long way to go until she would be within range of the ACW title. For Dixxon, the match was another setback, another instance of her being distracted and losing focus, and thus control of the match. It was a bitter defeat, made worse by the knowledge that she had lost it as much as Wilson had won it.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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