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“We’re ready to forge ahead. As far as I’m concerned it’s business as usual!” These are the words of Tanako X, the embattled head of the Apartment Championship Wrestling promotion. X spoke briefly about the continuing dispute between the promotion and its biggest star, former champion 00Heaven. 00Heaven was suspended by the promotion in July amidst controversy surrounding her appearance on an adult-oriented web site. X has promised that the promotion would continue its stance in the matter. “It’s really matter of principle,” X stated. “We have built a respectable image of the promotion and we will protect that image at any cost – even if that means moving forward without 00Heaven.”

When asked how wide the gap is between the promotion and its star, X claims that there is none. “As far as I am concerned, there is no hostility or animosity whatsoever from our side. Working with a performer of her caliber has been most rewarding to ACW. She has meant a great deal to the promotion, both as a performer and as an ambassador for the sport. At this time I cannot imagine anyone that I would want to represent the promotion more than her and I hope that one day she will be able to rejoin ACW. At this time, however, there are circumstances that exist with her that prevent that from happening.”

While X will not rule out an impending return by the superstar, Heaven is not as optimistic, nor is she as conciliatory. “I have busted my ass for this company, working through injuries, always putting on a happy face and doing everything I could to bring attention to the promotion. ACW has ridden my coattails and now they treat me with no respect, consideration or appreciation. They act as if I was just any of the girls. Where would ACW be without me?”

“What really ticks me off,” she continues, “is that this whole situation illustrates blatant hypocrisy and a clear double-standard on their part.” When pressed to elaborate, she said that every point and every detail is outlined in her lawsuit filed in Illinois District Court against the promotion. “Among other things, the promotion suspended me when there are other ACW competitors who have done exactly the same thing as me but haven’t been disciplined as harshly as me*. Furthermore, a couple of the other girls have appeared in similar sites, including on mine. Now, if that’s not a double-standard, I don’t know what is.”

* (Heaven refers to #1 contender Daniella Cartier and #2 contender Barbara Jean Mayfield. Cartier is alleged to have appeared on an adult-oriented site calledchocolatedoll.com and Mayfield has appeared on a site called tastykate.com. It should be noted that at press time, the chocolatedoll.com site has been taken down).

Heaven - www.apartmentwrestlers.com “The second point is that I think it is completely hypocritical of Tanako to talk about this wholesome image and environment within ACW,” she continued. “What goes on behind closed doors is anything but wholesome and I know I’m not the only one who will make that claim. I just can’t believe he has turned on me like this. I can’t believe he thinks I would just take this lying down.”

There are whispers within the promotion that the suspension arose from a perceived need to reign in the superstar as much as it was to punish her. X has often stated his belief that no performer is bigger than the promotion. Heaven sees this as an attempt to redirect the spotlight towards Tanako X and the promotion. “I guess I’ve cast a pretty big shadow and Tanako wants to step out of it and prove that he is a genius and the real reason for ACW’s success. Maybe to prove that he doesn’t need me. Or maybe this is his way of getting back at me.”

When asked to expound on that comment Heaven hesitated and then declined to elaborate on the advice of her attorney.When pressed further, however, she unleashed a torrent of explosive allegations. “Tanako is still bitter at me because things didn’t work out between us. Basically, I wouldn’t be his bitch. Well, I don’t need to. I’m in the prime of my career and I don’t have time to be dragged down playing girlfriend. If he feels rejected and bitter, well that’s his problem.”

Told that X had vehemently denied any kind of improper relationship or inappropriate behavior on his part, Heaven scoffed. “I guess it really isn’t much of a secret anymore. I mean his lawyer already has copies of my proof about his ‘behavior’. I never wanted it to come to this but he pushed it and I’m not going to roll over this time.”

Heaven’s lawsuit seeks immediate reinstatement of her championship status and payment for lost revenue during the suspension (the suit claims breach of contract as well as sexual harassment). Tanako stands resolute, claiming her lawsuit is without merit and the allegations “inflammatory, outrageous and preposterous.” He also insists that he has never had anything but a platonic and professional relationship with Heaven. The case is currently in the discovery stages and a trial date is scheduled for early December.

(NoteOur investigation has turned up a number of incidents and material which tend to add credence to some of Heaven’s claims. One of these is a photograph [pictured to the right] which purports to show Tanako in a compromising position with Heaven. The validity of the picture has not yet been confirmed).

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