Daniella Cartier vs. Amber Mayfield

Daniella Cartier vs. Amber Mayfield - apartmentwrestlers.com

After a convincing and impressive victory over top contender Barbie Mayfield, Daniella Cartier emerged as the top contender for the ACW title belt – a title recently held up when ACW Champion Heaven was suspended by the promotion. In anticipation of being awarded the vacated title, Daniella looked to put on another impressive showing in her next match. The match, however, was noteworthy in that her opponent was Barbie’s cousin, Amber Mayfield.

Amber Mayfield - apartmentwrestlers.com For Amber Mayfield, it would be a big challenge in her first match and she had a lot riding on it. In addition to it being her first match as an ACW competitor, Mayfield sought revenge for the Cartier’s victory over her cousin.

Mayfield started out on the offensive, hoping to surprise Daniella. After knocking Cartier to the ground, Amber attempted to show her toughness, circling around her opponent and viciously smacking her on her legs and rear end.

As Daniella reached back to block the blows she was receiving, Mayfield stepped forward, pulling Cartier’s arms painfully against her feet, bending the taller girl’s knees and forcing her to remain prone. As Cartier screamed in pain, Mayfield was unsure whether to maintain her hold or to maneuver strategically for a better finishing hold.

Expecting Mayfield to sit back in the hold, Cartier began to panic, realizing she had quickly fallen into a hold that she might not be able to reverse. Mayfield, however, failed to realize how fortunate she had been and close she was to history. Doubting herself, she attempted to switch holds and momentarily released one of Cartier’s arms.

She would regret the mistake.

Displaying enormous strength, Cartier broke free from Mayfield, pushed her off to the side and rolled onto her feet. Still unsteady because of the painful hold she had been in, Cartier began circling Amber. Mayfield, aggressive and confident moments before, began feeling vulnerable and exposed.

As Daniella closed in, Amber tried to dart past her. Cartier, however, cut her off and grabbed her by the waist, picking her off of the ground and spinning her around in order to disorient her.

Like a lioness seeking her prey, Daniella smelled blood.

Daniella Cartier vs. Amber Mayfield - apartmentwrestlers.com An invigorated Cartier began to take control, tossing the smaller Mayfield around like a ragdoll. Spinning her in circles and throwing her to the floor, Daniella let Amber know that she was thoroughly outmatched. Finally she grabbed Mayfield by the hair and lifted her off of the ground. Pressed up against the wall, a clearly beaten Amber Mayfield tapped out, weakly pleading with Cartier to put her down.

For Cartier, it was a further test of her ability to match up with a new opponent and further proof that she was now the most feared woman in the sport. For Mayfield, however, it was a clear indication that she was not yet ready for the big time. After the match, a despondent Mayfield met with ACW President Tanako X and Talent Coordinator Shannon Price. After a long discussion, Mayfield accepted the promotion’s assignment to further training at the ACW Academy. She will receive further grooming by competing overseas as part of ACW’s International alliance. Although humbled and humiliated by her experience, Mayfield vows to return a winner.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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