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00Heaven - apartmentwrestlers.com

00Heaven - apartmentwrestlers.com

00Heaven has a fight on her hands and it is one that she may not win.

The Apartment Championship Wrestling champion has been suspended by the promotion after it was revealed that she had authorized the operation of an adult-oriented web site featuring explicit nude photographs of her. ACW officials contend that this violates a clause in her contract which forbids ACW competitors from appearing on web sites or in publications of an adult nature. In announcing the promotion’s decision to suspend the champion, ACW founder and President Tanako X explained that “while it was a heartwrenching decision to take such drastic measures against someone who has meant so much to the promotion, we felt that we must take steps to preserve the integrity of the promotion and safeguard the wholesome image that we have worked so hard to protect.”

Heaven did not take well to the promotion’s decision and has decided to fight it on several levels. She has hired noted Canadian entertainment lawyer Veronica Van Dyne to represent her in legal proceedings against ACW. Van Dyne is a noted lecturer on women’s rights and participated in numerous high profile cases in which she represented females in the entertainment industry against the titans of the entertainment world. “This is yet another example of a company thinking that they can implement their chauvinistic standards and prevent women from fully expressing themselves as they see fit,” said Van Dyne. “This situation reeks of sexual harassment in several different forms. I plan on fully exploring the business practices of ACW, both what goes on in public and what goes on behind closed doors.”

“At issue is whether 00Heaven is being singled out with these penalties,” Van Dyne continues. “It is our understanding that a number of other girls in the promotion have participated in similar sites but have not been penalized in this manner. I intend to conduct depositions which should prove this to be the case. We also believe that a number of other pieces of information will come up during the depositions that will shed a light on ACW that the promotion will not be comfortable being under.”

In addition to the legal action, Heaven is launching an all out attack on ACW. She is refusing to return the ACW title belt, citing a famous incident where World Championship Wrestling was forced to pay wrestler Ric Flair more than $37,000.00 to return the WCW championship belt (while still WCW champion, Flair signed with the rival World Wrestling Federation and took the belt with him). Further, she has threatened to start a rival promotion and to take a number of ACW performers with her. “I’ve already gotten commitments for financial backing and am looking into putting together a management team,” said Heaven.

Heaven has also laid down a challenge to rival Daniella Cartier. “Daniella has been talking a lot of smack on the Internet after I beat her in our first match,” explained Heaven. “She’s been whining for a rematch and I’m going to give her one. Maybe this time she’ll accept defeat like a pro!” Finally she takes personal aim at Tanako X. “I warned Tanako not to push this issue or to push me. The naked pictures on my site are not the only ones that will make Tanako blush. I have more and believe me they will really make you look at him in a different light.” ACW now finds itself a promotion without a title belt and without a champion – it is unclear whether the promotion will survive.

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