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Miranda Alexander vs. Niki Foxe - apartmentwrestlers.com

For Miranda Alexander and Niki Foxe this match would help to determine whether either would ensure herself of grabbing a spot on the Apartment Championship Wrestling roster. In June 2001 both women were signed to the promotion but a series of events brought into question whether they would ever wrestler with ACW. After a bit of legal wrangling, the two former Nite Fighters were brought into the promotion on a provisional basis. It was determined by the ACW executive staff that one spot would be set aside and that whichever of the two distinguished herself the most would be rewarded with a full-time contract.

Niki Foxe - apartmentwrestlers.com Niki began the match on the offensive, combining a Russian sickle and a back-breaker (pulling Miranda’s hair for good measure). Niki (the more aggressive of the two) seemed to want to end the match early rather than endure a prolonged match against her larger, stronger foe.

Foxe continued to work on Alexander’s weakened back, stomping with her foot on Miranda’s outer oblique muscles which maintaining a wristlock hold to control the tempo and restrict Miranda’s movements. She continued her assault by pulling on Miranda’s arm, straining the tendons in her shoulder.

Alternating between the pressure between Alexander’s back and shoulder, Foxe seemed intent on wearing down her opponent, tiring her out and diminishing her ability to resist a submission hold.

Releasing her hold on Alexander, Foxe instead moved behind Miranda, who at this point collapsed to the floor, unable to do anything but gasp for her breath. Foxe quickly maneuvered her opponent into a hold that resembled an upside down surfboard hold. Pulling back on Alexander’s arms, Niki resumed the pressure on Miranda’s arm and back while also painfully bending her knees.

Enduring enormous pain, Alexander refused to quit, but knew that she was not going to be able to escape and would instead have to wait for Foxe to get careless and make a mistake.

Foxe, however, was relentless, sensing how important the match was and knowing that Alexander had a lot of endurance and had a high pain threshold. She continued to pull, leaning back and transferring more of the pressure to Alexander’s ankles.

Eventually Foxe became frustrated and decided to take a different approach. Keeping in mind the pain she had inflicted upon her opponent, Foxe crawled forward an reached out to apply a camel clutch.

Having wrestled Foxe so many times in the past, Alexander anticipated Niki’s move. Surging forward she lifted Foxe off of the ground and pitched her forward. As Foxe scrambled to to regain her balance, Alexander leapt forward onto her back, forcing Foxe down on her stomach. Foxe began flailing her arms and legs desperately, looking for a path or escape, but Miranda sensed that Niki was in troubled and pressed forward with her offense.

Miranda Alexander vs. Niki Foxe - apartmentwrestlers.com Miranda caught Foxe’s flailing arms and placed her in a full nelson. At the same time, she straddled her smaller opponent, reaching forward to gain a deeper hold. Pulling back, she forced all of her weight on Niki’s chest and stomach, for the breath out of Foxe while inflicting pain on her shoulders. Unable to breathe and realizing that she had already used up all of her strength, Foxe quickly submitted.

For Alexander, the match served as a huge thrill – for Foxe, a bitter disappointment. Both knew that this first match would make a big impression within the ACW promotion. Foxe also knew that her back was now against the wall.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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