Barbie Mayfield vs. Daniella Cartier

Barbie Mayfield vs. Daniella Cartier -

When it was announced that the Inter-Condiminium title belt had been declared vacant (due to IC champion Diane Hunter suffering a broken leg) there were two competitors in line for a shot at the belt. Barbie Mayfield, (the current “D” cup champion), had been considered the top contender for Hunter’s belt. Daniella Cartier, on the other hand, had quickly become the most talked about newcomer in the promotion. After a string of impressive victories (including one over Apartment Wrestling League of Poland champion Paulina Persenko and one against Barbie’s cousin, Amber Mayfield), Cartier had declared her intention to dominate the promotion.

Barbie Mayfield - Mayfield opened the match by knocking Cartier off balance and grabbing her leg. Daniella grabbed Mayfield’s hair trying to pull her away.

Mayfield used her leverage to push Cartier over onto her stomach. Pulling the fallen girl’s arm behind her, she playfully smacked Cartier’s exposed behind. Startled, Cartier frantically tried to rise up to get away. Cartier, usually an aggressor in her matches, was not used to having to fight defensively. As a result she did not realize that Mayfield was simply goading her into making a tactical mistake.

As Cartier arose, Mayfield grabbed her and placed her in a double-armed choke hold. Pulling back, she prevented Daniella from reaching out to grab her legs or a handful of hair. Instead, Cartier struggled for her breath and attempted to pull her knees forward.

Grabbing onto Mayfield’s arms, Cartier pulled herself up and off of the ground, thereby freeing her legs. With her legs free, she pushed hard against the floor with her right foot, pushing back against Mayfield and twisting her backwards to her left. Mayfield, taken by surprise was unable to maintain her balance and fell backwards, crashing heavily onto her back with Daniella falling on top of her.

Cartier, struggling for her breath, pitched forward and attempted to apply an anklelock on Mayfield. Barbie, however, stubbornly kicked Daniella’s hands away. Each time Cartier would move towards one of her limbs, Mayfield attempted to pull away to evade her grasp.

Unfortunately, when Cartier landed on her, Mayfield absorbed a stiff blow to the solar plexus and was not yet able to regain her breath. Anguished, she found herself unable to mount a defense and Cartier moved in and pounced on top of her, grabbing her leg and securing the pin.

A weakened Mayfield lay gasping for her breath while an energized Cartier glared at her opponent.

Cartier, still angered over Barbie’s playful smack earlier in the match, now hovered above her, threatening to return the favor. A defenseless Barbie offered no resistance and Daniella backed away from her.

With this match over, Cartier stood confidently, knowing that she had just won the second most important title in the promotion. She also realized that her victory put her first in line to face ACW champion 00Heaven in a title rematch. However, with Heaven’s recent suspension, Cartier has now stated her claim to the World Title belt.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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