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Paulina Persenko -

Paulina Persenko - The appeal of apartment wrestling has been growing exponentially on a regional basis throughout the United States over the last five years. The sport, however, has been spreading like wildfire across Europe and much of Asia. In light of this, Tanako X, CEO and Founder of Apartment Championship Wrestling has embarked upon a goodwill tour of Europe to further promote and expand an interest in the sport and ACW. X recently met with a number of small promotions in order to provide guidance and financial support as well as to develop working agreements with ACW.

The first of these agreement is with the Apartment Wrestling League of Poland (AWLP). ACW will conduct three training camps in Poland between July and October and will also accept three members each year from AWLP into the Chicago DoJo of the ACW academy.

The first competitor from AWLP is Paulina Persenko (pictured on the right), the AWLP champion (referred to, not surprisingly, as the Polish Powerhouse). Persenko, standing 5′ 9″ is blessed with enormous strength and tremendous balance, thanks to her powerful legs. She is well respected throughout Europe and touted as one of the five best European competitors. “We are very pleased to welcome Paulina into ACW,” said X. “As the AWLP champion, she will not be competing full-time within our promotion as she will need to travel back to Poland to defend her title. She will, however, gain invaluable experiences from traveling to the United States and will learn a great deal about some of the styles employed by our ACW competitors. I also think our girls can learn a lot from her as well. I have seen her in action and she is very aggressive and very impressive.”

Persenko will debut this month with her first match against Daniella Cartier. “This was a result of our negotiations with AWLP,” said X. “They insisted on a matchup with one of our top three competitors. I am not sure that she is ready to take on someone of Daniella’s caliber, but they insisted, so we shall see. Paulina is very good.”

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