Daniella Cartier vs. Paulina Persenko

As Daniella Cartier prepared for her match against Paulina Persenko, she did so apprehensively. Having no opportunity to view her opponent’s matches, Daniella felt at a disadvantage. She accepted the match because it afforded her the opportunity to move closer to a shot at the Inter-Condiminium title. Cartier was promised that if she won matches against Persenko and Amber Mayfield, she would vie for the IC title against current D-Cup champion Barbie Mayfield (the IC belt was declared vacant after IC champion Diane Hunter suffered a broken leg during a training match).

Paulina Persenko - apartmentwrestlers.com Persenko, the Polish powerhouse, quickly reminded Cartier that she better not look past this match. Persenko aggressively attacked Cartier, trying to overpower her. Cartier tried to establish a tone for the match by sweeping Persenko’s leg and pushing her onto her back.

Persenko, undaunted, used her powerful legs to bullrush Cartier, knocked the taller girl backwards and straddling her. Cartier, though surprised by Persenko’s strength, maintained her composure and catapulted Paulina off of her. Hoping to follow up, Cartier moved quickly towards Persenko, trying to keep her grounded but Paulina deftly dodged Daniella and maneuvered behind her. Grabbing Daniella around her waist, it appeared that Paulina was going to apply a reverse bear hug… but she head a more substantial maneuver in mind…

After lifting Cartier off of her feet, Persenko employed a German suplex, and without releasing the hold, slammed Daniella onto the back of her head and neck. Sensing that Cartier was stunned by the move, Paulina turned around and grabbed at Daniella’s legs, hoping to lean back and secure the pin.

Daniella, however, desperately flailed at her opponent and grabbed Paulina’s bikini bottoms. Trying to pull the larger girl off of her, she accidentally pulled Paulina’s bottoms down, prompting the startled girl to released her hold.

Taking control, Cartier grabbed both of Paulina’s arms and crossed them in front of her throat. Pulling back on each wrist, she simultaneously choked the Polish girl and placed pressure on her shoulders and back. When Cartier released her hold, Paulina crumpled to the ground. Daniella immediately spun around and grabbed both of Persenko’s strong legs. To increase her leverage and the pressure on Paulina, Daniella sat back, pulling for all she was worth.

Daniella Cartier vs. Paulina Persenko - apartmentwrestlers.com

Having weakened Paulina’s legs, Daniella went for the kill. Reaching back over the top of Paulina’s ankles, Daniella grabbed the girl’s hands and pulled her into a modified tarantula hold. With no way of defending herself and no end in sight, the young powerhouse was forced to submit.

Paulina Persenko acquitted herself well in her inaugural ACW match, pushing Cartier to the limit. As she returns to her native land, she knows that ACW competitors will well aware of her… and very wary of her.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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