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Daniella Cartier - apartmentwrestlers.com

Daniella Cartier - www.apartmentwrestlers.com

She feels she is ready. She feels she is preparedShe feels she is destined. She is unquestionably bold, confident and uniquely talented. Many, however, feel she is cocky, stubborn and headstrong. Nevertheless, she has set her sights on ACW title belts with the ACW World Title at the center of her crosshairs.

Daniella Cartier’s story is well known. The daughter of wealthy socialites, she rumpled many feathers in her upper class inner circles by setting out to enter the world of apartment wrestling. After brief success in smaller apartment wrestling promotions, Cartier entered the Chicago Dojo of the ACW Academy and immediately caused waves.

Early run-ins with ACW personnel and officials led to an ugly scene in which she was disciplined by ACW founder Tanako X. Cartier briefly left the promotion and filed a lawsuit against ACW and X. After the suit was dismissed, however, Cartier was accepted back into the promotion and was a model citizen. “Daniella was never intentionally a problem,” said Tanako X. “She simply believed so strongly in herself an her abilities that you couldn’t tell her anything. Since she has come back, she has been quiet and respectful and has absorbed a lot of information. If she continues in this manner, she could be destined for greatness. If her stubbornness returns, however, she could be in for a big surprise.”

Cartier believes she has put in the time necessary to position herself at the top. “I know I am ready because quite frankly I am better the most of these girls” she said candidly. “No disrespect to them but simply through genetics I am taller, stronger and quicker than most of them. I also believe in myself wholeheartedly and with that being the case, I can’t be stopped!”

Daniella Cartier - www.apartmentwrestlers.com

She will certainly find out soon whether her bravado is justified. She will meet Intercondominium champion Diane Hunter for a title match next week and will meet World Title holder 00Heaven for the most import belt in the promotion later this month.

“It’s my time” she proclaims. “Everything is falling into place just as I envisioned. The hardest part was getting the title shots and sifting through the backstage political crap. Now it all rest on my shoulder and I know I can carry the load.” Bold words – are they empty?

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