Scandal Brewing in ACW

Tanako X and 00Heaven -

Heaven - The lingering stench of scandal continues to permeate the halls of Apartment Championship Wrestling. Allegations of sexual improprieties and political maneuvering have arisen, casting a cloud over ACW champion 00Heaven and the credibility of the ACW World Title belt.

In May 2001, ACW competitor Taylor Wilson boldly accused Heaven of manipulating ACW officials and using behind the scenes politics to obtain her position as the preeminent performer in the promotion. Wilson, however, is more direct and particular blunt about her assessment of the situation – “She slept her way to the top! Plain and simple. End of Story!”

The magnitude of these allegations can not be overstated. In addition to the fame of glory of holding the World Championship belt, ACW competitors have begun enjoying enormous success as marketing and promotional opportunities have exploded. No one within ACW has benefited from this more than Heaven. In addition to magazine layouts, she has made numerous appearances on late night televisions shows. She is now slated to make her motion picture debut next year in the highly anticipated “Mask of the Stranger” and she will have a recurring role in a primetime cable television sitcom beginning next spring.

While officials within ACW refuse to release monetary figures, it is believed that Heaven is now the most highly compensated apartment wrestler in history. Thus, there is no shortage of competitors that would gladly look to supplant her.

Initially most people familiar with Wilson believed the outspoken blonde was simply trying to focus the attention upon herself. She did, however, stir up some interest when she claimed that Heaven had violated a promotion-wide ban on appearing in certain adult-oriented media appearances. Wilson claimed that Heaven had appeared on an adult web site called Taste of Heaven ( and further alleges that Heaven is the owner of the site.

Heaven - Tanako X, the head promoter and CEO of ACW was very guarded in his statements regarding the controversy but did acknowledge that ACW performers are prohibited from appearing in adult-oriented publications, broadcasts and digital media outlets. “It has been our long-standing view that appearances of that nature do not project the image of our promotion that we have sought to protect,” X said. “Such appearances would violate the terms of a competitor’s contract and the promotion has numerous remedies at its disposal.”

X refused to state what actions the ACW board was specifically considering and would say only that the promotion is investigating the situation and will take necessary actions if appropriate. X refused again to expand upon this statement. However, when asked if the board might strip Heaven of her World Title, X responded “that is an option which we must consider.”

Wilson, when reached for comment stated that she has doubts about whether any real action will be taken against the champion. “Listen to Tanako hem and haw, trying to sound politically correct. The truth is the truth. It’s not hard to find out. Just join her site as a member. It’s only $14.95. If one picture is not enough to satisfy his investigation, there are 1,000 of her. Maybe Tanako is worried that one or two of him might pop up.” (Wilson had previously intimated that X had engaged in a hushed up relationship with Heaven).

“I know Heaven has been the ACW meal ticket this past year, but I’m not going to let this drop. Whether he grows some balls and strips her of the title or I’ll really start to make some noise.”

While Taylor is a lone voice in bringing these accusations, she has sparked the interest of a number of curious investigative journalists. Furthermore, sources have reported that a number of ACW competitors, speaking off the record, have corroborated the rumors of improprieties within the promotion.

Heaven - Heaven declined to comment on the matter. “I’m just concentrating on my title and my opponents. I just got a big win over Donna Dixxonand there are a lot of girls running their mouths about wanting a shot at me.” Chief amongst those is rising star Daniella Cartier. “Hey, I hope she does get distracted. That’s all the break I’ll need,” said Cartier. Cartier is pushing for a title shot and has done numerous interviews trying to goad Heaven into a match.

When asked if she will give Cartier a match, Heaven said “That’s up to the booking committee but I’m not afraid to face anyone.” When pressed on whether she believes that the promotion might suspend her and strip her of the title, Heaven snapped sharply “Tanako won’t do that. He better not! Trust me, I’m not the one afraid of an expose. I know what goes on around her and I know where all the thongs are buried, so to speak.”

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