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Taylor Wilson is angry and she wants everyone to know it. Believing that she is being held back in her title pursuit, she is launching verbal assaults at everyone involved with Apartment Championship Wrestling – from the lowest ranked competitors to the promotion’s executive committee. Her biggest target, however, is ACW champion 00Heaven. Wilson wants a a title shot against the champion and is not at all shy about making her message clear.”I want her ass, I’ll get her ass and I’ll kick her ass!”

Taylor Wilson - www.apartmentwrestlers.com Wilson believes that behind the scenes politics are preventing her from receiving a title shot against the champion. “It’s not a secret. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. Look at me. I’m bigger than anyone else in the promotion, I’m stronger and I’m tougher than any of them. I know it, you know it — and they know it. Every chick in ACW is afraid of me and they all do everything they can to avoid getting in the ring with me. That’s why I have to do what I have to do to make things happen.” This would seem to include trying to incapacitate as many ACW competitors as possible and pulling publicity stunts in order to draw attention to herself.

A startling example of this would include her deplorable show of poor sportsmanship in which she brutally assaulted D-Cup champion Barbie MayfieldAfter losing a match to Mayfield, Wilson lifted her opponent into the air and dropped her on her head, giving Mayfield a severe concussion which will keep the Arkansas native out of action for at least two months. “Hey, I bet I got her attention, now didn’t I?” Wilson also stole Mayfield’s D-Cup championship trophy.

WIlson justifies her actions by pointing out her contention that certain ACW wrestlers are being protected from serious competition.”How is it possible that I am only ranked ninth in the world. Look at who some of the top ranked women are. Dominique LeMonde? Daniella Cartier? Candy Sommers? Are you kidding me? These little prissy princesses couldn’t carry my jock and you know it. All they have are tits and ass and a pretty face. But they get the title shots and I don’t. What do I need to do to get my shot? Hey, if I have to shake my ass or shake my tits, fine, I’ll do it. If I have to break someone’s nose, I’ll do that too. I’m tired of being held back.”

Wilson is particularly vicious and vulgar in addressing 00Heaven. “I hate the bitch… I mean I absolutely hate that bitch! I hate how everyone fawns all over her. ‘She’s so glamorous. She’s so photogenic. She’s so charismatic.’ God it makes me sick. She knows there is only one reason she is in the position she is — and that is she knew the right positions to get into when she needed to.”

When pressed about her statement Wilson did not backpedal. “Do I think she slept her way to he top. Hell yes! Who is her biggest supporter? Tanako X. Who is always arranging for promotional opportunities for her? Tanako X? Who gets her magazine layouts? Tanako X. I guess X marks the spot… right across her ass. I guess she takes care of ‘the cock ‘o Tanako’.”

Taylor Wilson - www.apartmentwrestlers.com If her words were intended to get the attention of ACW executives, it worked. ACW CEO Tanako X delivered a terse denial of Wilson’s allegations. “Her statements are preposterous, outrageous and completely unsubstantiated. I vehemently deny any and all of these allegations. My reputation speaks for itself and is beyond reproach!” A number of ACW competitors have stepped up to support X. “He has been nothing but professional with me and with all of the girls,” said Inter-Condiminium champion Diane Hunter. “If Taylor spent more time trying to improve her skills and control her temper instead of trying to stir up trouble, maybe she would win some of her matches.”

Unapologetic, Taylor continues her diatribe. “I’m not going to just sit around and keep my mouth shut. There is a lot I want to get off my chest.” When asked for proof about preferential treatment being given to other competitors, she said “Part of our contractual requirements were that we were not allowed to appear nude for any publications or media broadcasts. That is in all of our contracts. Well then how come Heaven has her own adult Internet web site and no one says anything about that? See for yourself. It’s called Taste of Heaven. You’re a reporter. Why don’t you go investigate it? If they want to mess with me, I’ll expose all of the hidden little secrets here.”

When asked about the Taste of Heaven site, Mr. X said he was not aware of such a site but would look into it. He did however comment on Wilson’s actions and behavior. “Taylor Wilson has brought shame upon this promotion, both through her unprovoked attack on Ms. Mayfield and through her outlandish statements. The ACW executive board has therefore decided to suspend Ms. Wilson for 90 days from any competition. If at the end of her suspension we see evidence that she intends to handle herself in a professional manner, she will be reinstated. My hope is that Ms. Wilson will have a long, prosperous and mutually beneficial relationship with ACW, but that really depends on her.” Wilson says that she plans to appeal the suspension. “I think it’s clear what’s happening. They’re trying to silence me. Well, it won’t work!”

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