Barbie Mayfield vs. Taylor Wilson

The battle between Barbara Jean Mayfield and Taylor Wilson promised to be a significant one, as it pitted two of the rising stars of ACW against one another. With the ongoing absence of star competitor Dominque LeMonde, Wilson and Mayfield were both poised to assume the number two spot in the promotion and thus place themselves in line for a shot at ACW champion 00Heaven.

Taylor Wilson - The match was preceded by both competitors posing together for promotional photos. Wilson, however, had more on her mind than simply looking pretty and implemented a sneak attack against the unsuspecting Barbie.

Wilson, at 6′ 1″, 137 lbs, is already a very imposing and frighteningly intimidating competitor. Her incredibly aggressive attack, therefore, had her poised for a quick and decisive win. Wilson, however, was more concerned with dominating the match and inflicting physical punishment on her opponent. “Sure I could pin an opponent quickly” Wilson explains, “but it seems like the only way to get a title shot is to draw attention to myself. If I put enough opponents out of action, they’ll have no choice but to give me the match I want — and deserve!”

Wilson prolonged and intensified her attack, battering Mayfield incessantly. Barbara Jean, under a torrential barrage of blows to her body and painful submission holds found herself in a state of helplessness. All she could do was to seek an escape from the pain — and this lead to the break she was praying for. When Taylor noticed Barbie’s right arm frantically flailing about, she decided to latch onto it and to go for an elbow-lock submission hold. When Taylor reached for her arm, Barbie rolled away and watched as Wilson lunged at her, inadvertently losing her balance.

As Taylor tried to recover, Mayfield locked on a leg scissors maneuver causing Wilson to scream in pain. Bracing her abdominal muscles to gain leverage, Barbie squeezed with all her strength, forcing Wilson to kick her legs in agony.

Grasping Wilson by her left leg, Barbie straddled her opponent and applied a twisting ankle lock hold. Unfortunately, she twisted the ankle away from her, causing Wilson to naturally roll to her left. In doing so, Wilson’s right leg swung around and kicked Mayfield in the back of her head, knocking her forward. Despite the pain, Wilson, feeling desperate, lunged forward and pressed her attack.

Forcing Wilson’s enormous chest into the ground harshly, she grabbed both of the tall girl’s arms and pulled them over her legs. Leaning onto her prone opponent, Mayfield cupped her hands and slipped them under Wilson chin.

With Mayfield’s full weight crushing down on her back, Wilson tried to fight back but with her arms pulled painfully behind her and her heaving breasts pressing harshly beneath her, Taylor knew the situation was hopeless and began tapping out with her left hand. After sensing that victory was so close, Wilson looked ready to break down into tears upon the realization of her mistakes

Wilson quickly regained her composure, however, and enthusiastically congratulated the victor. Wilson then handed a title belt to Mayfield proclaiming Barbara Jean to be the better competitor. A puzzled Barbie, realizing that Wilson had handed her Diane Hunter’s Inter-Condiminium belt stared at it, trying to figure out what was happening.

Barbie’s brief lapse of attention proved costly as Taylor grabbed her around her waist then side-slammed her on her upper back and head.

In one of the most horrific and shameful moments in ACW history, Taylor continued to attack Mayfield until she fell into unconsciousness. Mercilessly, the tall blonde stood over her victim, screaming at her and everyone else in sight.

Barbie Mayfield vs. Taylor Wilson - “That smug little bitch may have won, but just look at her now,” Taylor screamed. “I stole Hunter’s IC belt and now I’m gonna take this bitch’s D-Cup trophy. One way or another I’m going to get my title shot against 00Heaven. I’ll get my shot or they’ll never see the belt or trophy again.”

ACW officials seem likely to announce some type of disciplinary action against Wilson in light of her actions. She remains unapologetic and unrepentant.”Am I sorry? No! Do I feel bad? Hell no. I don’t care about her! All I care about is my title shot and ACW is going to give it to me or I will blow the lid off of this damn promotion.

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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