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Dixie Monroe vs. Malaysia - apartmentwrestlers.com

The competition to move up the ranks of Apartment Championship Wrestling is fierce, as was evident in the matchup between Dixie Monroe and Malaysia. The top contenders were set to square off to determine who would move up to the #3 ranking in the promotion. Malaysia confidently approached the match, believing she had a physical advantage, both in size and strength. Dixie, on the other hand, knowing that she was physically outmatched, knew that she would have to rely on a psychological approach and set forth to develop a strategy for the match.

Dixie Monroe - apartmentwrestlers.com Her strategy became clear immediately as during the prematch handshake, she stunned her opponent by lunging forward and slapping her across the face. Such would set the tone for the match.

The poor sportsmanship displayed by Dixie did not end with her opening offense. She grabbed a nearby towel and began choking Malaysia, and while the Beast from the East tried to catch her breath, Monroe went even farther, moving around and surprising her opponent by biting on her buttocks.

Stunned by these tactics, Malaysia was unable to regain her composure. Monroe’s blitz attack was working as she kept the bigger girl off balance and prevented her from using her strength and leverage advantage. Seeking to continue this approach, she moved to reach out and rake her fingers across Malaysia’s back and momentarily left herself vulnerable.

That split second was all Malaysia needed and the stronger girl decided to fight fire with fire. Reaching back, she grabbed Monroe by the hair and flipped her over, momentarily knocking the wind out of her stunned opponent. As Dixie struggled to catch her breath, she quickly tried to regroup. Malaysia was having none of that, however, delivering a powerful elbow to the middle of Monroe’s back, leaving the redhead gasping for air once again.

Several of these elbows rendered the fallen Monroe helpless and Malaysia pondered her next move. Her immediate thought was to was to use her patented leg lock called “the Vise” to squeeze the fight out of her opponent and gain a submission victory. Unfortunately, Monroe’s outrageous actions had her made Malaysia angry and breathing fire.

Furious, and still smarting from the stinging slap across her face, Malaysia determined to teach the southerner a lesson and set out to brutalize the helpless girl. First she turned Monroe around and applied a Cantonese inverted headlock. Applying the hold sapped Monroe of her strength and she seemed likely to fall into unconsciousness soon thereafter. Surprisingly, however, a still enraged Malaysia released Monroe from the hold, slapping her across the face to rouse her opponent. When Monroe’s senses seemed to have returned, Malaysia maneuvered around and above her and placed her in a modified Camel Clutch.
As Malaysia leaned in to gain further leverage, a panic stricken Dixie saw her only opportunity. Noticing Malaysia’s hair dangling next to her, Monroe grabbed it in her mouth and turned her head abruptly, yanking the long brown follicles and surprising the bigger woman, momentarily loosening her hold.

Dixie Monroe vs. Malaysia - apartmentwrestlers.com With her right hand now free, Monroe reached up and grabbed a full handful of Malaysia’s hair, yanking on it and propelling the bigger girl forward. Losing her balance, Malaysia was unable to get her hands up in time to protect herself and her head landed with a thud against the carpeted floor. Stunned, she was unable to offer any resistance as Monroe hooked her leg and gained the pinfall. Monroe’s last-ditch, desperate act had worked and she stood atop of her beaten opponent.

After the match, a disheartened Malaysia sat in stunned silence, pondering what went so terribly wrong. As she considered her next steps, she began to feel homesick, missing the comforts of her home turf. Eventually she decide to return home and left the ACW promotion. Time will tell whether she will return or whether she will fade away from the sport, but her departure has left many wondering “what if?”

The full, unedited photoset for this match is available here.

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