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Dominique LeMonde -

When a man finds himself in the abyss, there he finds his true character. This saying is very appropriate for the plight of Dominique LeMonde. Just a few weeks ago she seemed to be on top of the world. She was besieged with interview requests, appeared on newspaper and magazine covers — and was set to wrestler in the most important match of her professional career. Today, however, she sits curled up on a sofa in Paris watching reruns of classic movies on television.

Dominique LeMonde - ACW Dominique LeMonde is one of Apartment Championship Wrestling’s biggest stars and most talented competitors. She is also enormously popular with fans and is considered by many to be the most glamorous women in the promotion and in the world. She was, in fact, among those included on a recent list compiled by Adscape Press International of the 50 most beautiful women in the world. None of that matters to her now. In her mind, she has lost everything.

Trained by her father, Dominique quickly rose through the ranks of ACW very quickly. After 36 consecutive victories she believed she was ready to face 00Heaven for the ACW title. Their heavily-hyped match started out well for her but Heaven methodically wore her down and defeated LeMonde. Worse, however, the champion angrily humiliated the challenger, ripping off her bikini and taunting her.

Since the encounter Dominique has withdrawn from the public eye. In a state of depression she has refused to return calls or to seek any ACW matchups. Reports from her camp (named Team Dominique) indicate that she is contemplating an early retirement from the sport. Her only official statement was “I’m finished, I’m through!” Many, however, are not so sure.

“She’ll be back!” So says one member of Team Dominique speaking on the condition of anonymity. “She’s too much of a competitor just to walk away. Unfortunately, she just wasn’t ready to challenge Heaven. Heaven knew just what to expect and lured her in. The thing is, I’m not sure what was harder on her, the defeat or the way Heaven degraded her.” During the match, Heaven ripped LeMonde’s bikini off and laughingly taunted her. “I think psychologically that was just too much for her, just too humiliating.”

Dominique LeMonde - ACW At a crossroads in her career and with her confidence wounded, LeMonde could fade away as a serious contender. Her friend, however, disagrees. “I think this is a wakeup call for her. Sometimes it takes controversy and adversity to open one’s eyes to reality. I think when Heaven stripped her clothes of it stripped away Dominique’s belief that she in her own invincibility. I think when she returns, she will train and prepare with more focus, with more caution and with more respect for her opponent’s talents. She’ll be sharper and smarter. She’ll be better. Mark my words, Heaven will look at that match as her biggest mistake.”

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