Nyla Jay Romero

Nyla Jay Romero

Age: 22
: Brown
: 5′ 3″
: 135 lbs.
: Latina
Titles Held
: Rookie of the Year

The Cutie with the Booty, Nyla Jay Romero was one of the biggest surprises for ACW in a strong rookie class. Short and very curvy, the sexy latina, made up for her lack of experience with a great work ethic and a determination and confidence that belied her youth.

Nyla battled Brycee Adams and Alex Del Monaco in two of the best matches of the year and distinguished herself with her enthusiasm as an ACW representative. Although she was briefly suspended (for reasons unknown) she has remained very popular amongst fans and even amongst her competitors and is looked at as a star in the making.

Nyla Jay Romero – the Cutie with the Booty! Entering the ranks of ACW competition, she has brought a breath of fresh air to the promotion. At 19 years old, Romero brings a youthful enthusiasm with her but none of the drama or political maneuvering that has become a common trait amongst wrestling veterans. “Nyla has been a delight so far,” says ACW President Tanako X. “Her enthusiasm has become infectious and she’s humble and willing to learn. We’re very happy with her so far.”

Nyla Jay Romero - apartmentwrestlers.comWhen X says so far, it is with an awareness that the apartment wrestling industry is a breeding ground for resentment, backstabbing and greed and that very few women exit the industry with the same mind set as they had when they entered.

Tanner Scott, an industry analyst is well aware of the pitfalls within the industry and has seen many a nice girl turn bitter and difficult. “I’m sure ACW management looks at Nyla Jay and will look to take steps to keep her away from bad influences. I wish them luck. These girls are so catty and mean, it’s no wonder the turnover can be so high in a company’s roster.”

Regardless of these negative possibilities, X is enthusiastic about Romero’s possibilities. “Look, if I had my druthers, I would have a thousand and one Nyla Jay’s on my roster instead of a thousand and two headaches. She is nice and pleasant, she’s attractive, she is talented and most importantly, she is a very determined hard worker. We need to change the industry to where these attributes are being rewarded and these type of girls are being pushed prominently. It’s a shame because great personalities have always driven the entertainment industry, but many of the performers in the apartment wrestling world are more about trash-talk and self-promotion than making the industry bigger and more successful. This ends up hurting everyone, especially the girls in the long-term picture. The other promoters can do what they want, but the industry is an evolving one and the girls aren’t the only ones who help to shape things.”

Nyla entered the industry like a number of new girls. As an aspiring model and actress, she answered an ad and an agent pointed her towards fitness modeling and towards apartment wrestling as a stepping stone.

“I was like… huh.. OK. Whatever… I’ll give it a try,” Nyla recalled. Romero was given a tryout against newcomer Susan Cottrell. Romero was naturally aggressive and totally dominated her opponent. She was invited to train at the ACW Academy dojo in Chicago and worked under trainer (and former apartment wrestling great) Lisa Nash. “Nyla was very surprising,” laughed Nash. “She didn’t have great technique nor any discernable wrestling skills, but she did have a lot of moxie. She could trash-talk without being obnoxious. She also wanted to learn, so she listened. I really enjoyed her as a student and I think she has serious potential.”

Despite so many positive reviews, not everyone is excited about her emergence. “Fuck Nyla Romero and all the little smiling happy bitches that are going to follow,” said former ACW champion Diane Hunter. “ACW ought to just promote the most talented people and let the other stuff sort itself out. Instead, they keep trying to manage everyone’s personality and force their favorites on everyone. In my opinion, Nyla Jay is going to be the next Bob Backlund. Hey, she may become successful like Backlund, but remember he paled in comparison to Superstar Billy Graham who he replaced as champ. Graham revolutionized the industry but the WWWF made up their mind to push the “good guy” and he fell on his face. ACW is doing the same thing now trying to force the “nice girls” on the fans.”

Nyla takes it in stride. “I’m young and I’m new and I’ll just watch my step and learn but I’m not going to back down just because some people don’t like me or want me to be successful. I’m just excited and nobody’s going to take that away from me.”

Nyla Jay Romero VIDEO CLIPS

Nyla vs. Annina Oksana

VIDEO CLIP – Nyla vs. Annina Oksana

The Cutie with a Booty takes on the Hick from the Sticks. In this match-up of rookies you might think that both competitors would be rather tentative. Not these two. Nyla Jay Romero has already appeared impressive in her matches. With a phat ass and big tits to match, she bring both to bear in this matchup. Before bolting ACW to become a porn star (as Kella Monroe) Annina Oksana brought surprising attitude and fire to her first match. The two got so intense that ACW officials almost had to step in when things got a bit brutal. Even after the pinfall, that wasn’t enough as the action spilled over to the living room where both (now naked) competitors were still hot for action. … go to our clips store

Video: 16 min.
Published: March 1, 2011
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Nyla vs. Alex Del Monacco

VIDEO CLIP – Nyla vs. Alex Del Monacco

Nyla Jay Romero is a big boobed big booty rookie eager to make a mark in ACW. Alex Del Monacco is an Internationally known model ready to show her superior grappling skills. The two are matched up in a battle of opposites. … go to our clips store

Video: 17 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
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Nyla vs. Brycee Adams

VIDEO CLIP – Nyla vs. Brycee Adams

Brycee Adams and Nyla Jay Romero are two emerging stars in ACW and both a ambitious and willing to do what it takes to get to the top. Brycee, the tattooed diva is the agressor, hoping to intimidate her younger opponent. Nyla, however, has a lot of moxy, giving as much as she gets. While Brycee trash-talks, Nyla keeps looking for a weakness. Utilizing her very large breasts and big round ass, the younger latina tries to use her weight advantage to gain control. Brycee, however, finds Nyla’s weakness… She’s mesmerized by Brycee’s big tits and drops her guard when she sees them hanging in her face and can’t resist tying to suckle one. Brycee knew the proper strategy now… give her what she wants. … go to our clips store

Video: 21 min.
Published: Aug 10, 2009
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Nyla's Naughty Nude Clip


VIDEO CLIP – Nyla Jay Romero’s Naughty Nude Clip

Nyla Jay Romero is the Cutie with the Booty. A big round ass and big beautiful tits have made her a real favorite around ACW. Now see her in all her naked glory. … go to our clips store
Video: 5 min. 
Published: Aug. 10, 2009 
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Nyla Jay Romero DVD Appearances

ACW DVD 08 - The Great 8

The Great 8

Alex Del Monacco vs. Nyla Jay Romero 
Two rookies looking to make a name for themselves within the promotion, Alex is lean and mean while Nyla is confident and curvy. 

Daisee Douglas vs. Rosario Delgado
The latin spitfire and the busty redhead put the pride and and the Inter-Condominium belt on the line. 

Diane Hunter vs. Cassidy Collins
The ACW champion is looking for serious competition and Cassidy believes she is up to the challenge, but can she threaten the champion’s reign. 

Brycee Adams vs. Mandy Taylor
The tattooed Brycee thinks she has Mandy’s number, but the new bad girl in ACW shows she has learned a lot of dirty tricks.

ACW DVD 09 - Center Stage

Center Stage

Daniella Cartier vs. Staci Jones
First up is newcomer Staci Jones, the cousin of Tiffani Jones. She wants to make a name for herself in the world of catfighting and she gets the rare opportunity to match up with the Champ.

Nyla Jay Romero vs. Annina Oksana
Nyla is “the Cutie with a Booty” and she takes on “the Hick from the Sticks,” porn girl Annina in this match-up of rookies.

Madison Payne vs. Buffy Wilson
These two hot blondes spend a lot of time rolling on the floor and on a bed until they end up naked.

Daisee Douglas vs. Staci Jones
Things get a little ugly between these two when Staci heads to the kitchen to get some cooking utensils to beat Daisee’s ass with. Hot, sexy, ebony and ivory action.

ACW DVD 15 - Club ACW

Club ACW

Alex Del Monacco vs. Madison Payne
They fight on the floor. They fight on the bed. They even fight in the bathtub. This is a wild one you won’t want to miss.

Brycee Adams vs. Nyla Jay Romero
Nyla is a sweet young lady but she doesn’t take well to Brycee’s taunting. Nor did she appreciate getting slapped in the face and threatened with a whip, so she brings her “A” game.

Jen Capone vs. Kristin James
These girls spare no amount of effort, with painful, strong-style cat fighting guaranteed to please any fan of apartment wrestling action. At one point, Jen clobbered Kristin with an elbow shot that was so hard and so stiff, ACW officials almost stopped the match.

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