Age: 36
: Brown
: 5′ 6″
: 140 lbs.
: Caucasian
Titles Held
: None

Malaysia was  one of the most powerful women to ever hit the sport. With legs like tree trunks and a rear end that was built for power, she brutalized her opponents and was running roughshod through the promotion.

Bad advice and unpredictable behavior derailed her rise leading her to not only bolt the promotion but to leave the country to go into seclusion where she has become a featured topic in the category “What If?’

When people discuss their thoughts on the top competitors in Apartment Championship Wrestling, Malaysia often fails to get mentioned. When, however, the discussion centers on the most dangerous women in the sport, her name always appears near the top.

malaysia901-600Much of Malaysia’s past is unknown. She appears to have Hungarian origins but was discovered by Masahiro X while she was training in Thailand. While competent in basic grappling and hand to hand techniques, she seemed to focus on an inordinate amount of time working on joint lock techniques and on training her legs. For months she followed a daily routine of running up steep hills, doing 500 squats, 600 standing lunges and then riding a bicycle 45 miles. The purpose of her training methods soon became clear as she entered ACW. In her first match against rookie Amber Price, Malaysia maneuvered Price into a position where she was able to apply a leg scissors hold to Price’s arm. After applying pressure, Malaysia caused Price to suffer a compound fracture of her humerus bone. Three weeks later, she applied the leg scissors maneuver to the upper torso of British Empire champion Lisa Fleming and caused her to suffer a broken rib and torn rib cartilage. People soon began to take notice of her.

While Malaysia is quiet and generally avoids the press, Masahiro X loudly brags about his young protégé. “She is remarkable. Her dedication to training has given her a tool unlike anything we have seen in ACW – her legs.” Her leg scissors maneuver, nicknamed “the Vise”, has caused a great deal of concern amongst competitors and officials in ACW. The promotion, therefore, has outlawed her from using the maneuver on a competitors’ head or neck.

While her dedication to training and respect for martial arts has prepared her well, her inexperience and naïveté has cost her. In a regional match against Dixie Monroe, Malaysia was ill-prepared for Monroe’s display of poor sportsmanship and never really recovered after Monroe slapped her across the face during the traditional handshake and later bit her on her buttocks.

Whether she is disillusioned with the unbridled competitiveness in ACW or simply more interested in returning to her roots for more inspiration, Malaysia has recently returned to Thailand and has sealed herself off from the public so as to continue her intensive training. Masahiro X proclaims that “When she returns, she will have a whole new attitude. These girls are already afraid of her when she’s so nice – imagine her with a mean streak!”

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