Amber Mayfield -

Amber Mayfield

Age: 32
Hair: Brown
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 125 lbs.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Titles Held: None

Amber Mayfield is scrappy and relentless in her career and in her life. While many doubted her ability to compete on the carpet, she trained very hard in Japan and came back to convince the naysayers.

A competent grappler, she tries to use her quickness against her opponents and enjoys all aspects of life as an apartment wrestler.

Amber Mayfield - apartmentwrestlers.comGirls just want to have fun, the song says. But too much fun can leave one looking back and trying to figure out what happened with their lives. Such is the case for Amber Mayfield.

Amber Mayfield grew up in Hickory Hills, Arkansas, with her cousin Barbie Mayfield. Amber grew into a pretty student in high school and was named Homecoming Queen in her senior year. Upon graduation, she looked for an exciting job opportunity but could find nothing near her hometown. When Barbie was signed by ACW and traveled to Japan to compete in a tournament, Amber tagged along. What she saw amazed her and she was overwhelmed with the fast-paced action between the international apartment wrestlers. When Barbie won the tournament, Amber asked for her help in becoming an apartment wrestler. Barbie made a number of introductions and Amber was invited to train with Pear Light Wrestling in Japan.

Her two years of training in Japan allowed Amber to grow as a performer but not enough to gain a place on the ACW roster. Disappointed after living away from home so long, Amber returned to Hickory Hills and got a job in a meat packing plant. Depressed, she stopped training and gained weight as she turned her back on her career. Settling into her new life, she was surprised when Barbie called and told her that ACW was interested in her again. Weighing her options, she decided to give apartment wrestling one more chance.

When she arrived back at the ACW Academy DoJo, no one was pleased with how she had let herself go. Tanako X instructed the trainers to work her mercilessly and Amber found herself crying in her apartment questioning whether she would ever be successful as a catfighter. She persevered, however, eventually dropping the weight and getting into wrestling shape. Eventually she was ready for a match and defeated Tabitha Van Dyne in her ACW debut. In her next seven matches she won five of them and was feeling like she had positive momentum. She and Barbie went out on the town to celebrate and the two became the most notorious party animals in the promotion. No one was surprised when Amber failed to show up for a match against Rosario Delgado, but when she missed her next one against Candy Sommers, she was suspended by the promotion.

Amber Mayfield’s career was in danger and her life was spiraling out of control. She didn’t seem to listen to anyone in ACW management and even her cousin could not seem to talk any sense into her. Tanako X sat down with her for a private meeting and she was thereafter reinstated. After five straight losses, she was placed in a loser leaves ACW match against Dixie Monroe. Monroe wiped the floor with her as Amber seemed to have no answers for the offense brought against her. She quietly left the promotion, resigned to move home.

The wrestling bug would not let her go, however, and she returned to Japan a year later where she was determined to resurrect her career. Her ultimate goal is to return to ACW to claim her place amongst the best apartment wrestlers in the world. Whether she makes it back or not, she realizes that she will need more than a pretty face and a cute body to make it in the industry, for while girls just want to have fun, champions just want to win.

UPDATE: January 23, 2007 – Amber Mayfield asked for her release from ACW and it was granted. Mayfield is alleged to be pregnant with her second child and has moved back to Arkansas to pursue a life outside of apartment wrestling.


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