Again Gia released her hold but she continued her attack. She jumped on top of Kristy, straddling her stomach and choked her with one hand and pulled her hair with the other. Keeping Kristy confused and panicked, she leaned in pressing Broussard's shoulders into down against the bed, again attempting for a pinfall. Kristy desperately struggled and thrust her hips upward, toppling Torelli forward and off of the bed. Gasping for her breath, Broussard rolled off of the bed avoiding her opponent.

Kristy slowly approached Gia with her hands outstretched. Gia stopped in her tracks, curiously looking at Kristy. She then reached out with her hands and the two girls engaged in a finger-lock test of strength. Kristy growled loudly and Gia realized she had made a mistake. Kristy pulled forcefully and swung the smaller girl onto the bed.